Would you wear something from mrs. cruise's collection?

We got a little preview of Holmes&Yang Fall 2011 collection. Just to remind you Katie Holmes and her stylist Jeanne Yang teamed up some time ago to create thier own clothing line. Since the announcment was made, we were waiting for a first fruits of this collaboration. What I wanted to know was: will it be equally good as Victoria Beckham's line?

The answer is, unfortunatelly, not. I don't see anything interesting, new or innovatiove in this collection. Barneys New York put on sale few pieces and I am a bit dissapointed. I understant those clothes are made from exceptional fabrics and so...but prices are a bit too high for my taste £2,500 for a jacket, £1,500 for a dres...Should I continue?

Holmes&Yang jacket

Holmes&Yang skirt

Holmes& Yang tuxedo dress

Holmes& Yang blazer

Holmes& Yang spanish dress


From baby fashion to baby make up

I am starting to believe I am from another planet.

Walmart announced lauch of new "anti aging" make up  line " GeoGirl". Their target : 8 years old girls. My question is: since when 8 year olds wear make up and since when they need ant aignin treatment? And isint' this ironic - when you put make up on a yougn girl she will look much older. But then anty aging products should make you look younger. First excludes the second, no?

Walmart said: “GeoGirl is about teaching this generation about beauty care in a responsible way. This [line] is a great learning experience for us to determine how to communicate with this generation.”  Yes, learning experience that is. Those girls will learn how not to be kids anymore. Great idea!

Vouge Paris

Vogue Paris


Sunburn saver

Sun is great and all....  But if you're not careful, you can get sunburns. 
Lesson I learned during first week of my vacations. And you know what? I am actually glad about this because I got to discover new, amazing product. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse - universal cure. It is one of the  french women fetish beauty products, now I understad why. It moisturise your skin and hairs and makes it really smooth. When your skin is irritated it really heals it. Strongly recomend.

It comes with 2 options - pure and with little bit of glitter. I am using pure for my sunburns but I will get one with glitter once I am back in Paris. I have a feeling it will give warm parisian nights more flavor.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse


Private selection

My little private selection of favoutites shoes for this spring.
Girl can dream, right?

Clockwise from top left: Reed Krakoff, Messeca, Friss, Zara, Messeca, Louboutin sneakers, Diane von Fustenberg


Description says timeless, edgy and distressed

Away on vacations I am missing Paris. Therefore New Talent this week will be 100% parisian. Ok with you?

Behind Camille de Dampierre brand we found two sisters. Camille - the designer, St Martins graduate and Laurence - resposable for buisness. They seems to be cooperating quite well, because the brand is  growing and gilrs likle me are running around Paris trying to find their dresses and skirts.

Camille de Dampierre

Very french, feminine, sexy and casual. Mission impossible for a designer? Not any more. All pieces are easy to wear and style. I belive this is a secret behing the famous french legerete. This is also the reason of brand growing strenght. Also I really like the collection photo shoot, very arty and parisian

Camille de Dampierre
Camille de Dampierre
Camille de Dampierre
Camille de Dampierre


When Rihanna became a top model

Vogue US April 2011 cover

I got to see Rihanna Vogue US spread for April 2011 issue. It was shoot by Annie Lebovitz and it' pretty great. Not only Rihanna can make good music, she can also pose top model like! She is beautiful , has an unique presence in every photo and - what is really important to me - there is no photoshop work here. She has a perfect body and shows that size 0 and plastic photoshop shoots are ugly and boring in comparison. Bravo! We want more!

Rihanna by Annie Lebovitz

Rhianna by Annie Lebovitz
Rhianna by Annie Lebovitz


I will be thinking of you while staring at the sun

Dear readers,

It's time for my annual vacations! I am going to Guadeloupe to enjoy sun, beach and sea! I will continue blogging, but maybe less frequently. After all there are no break from style and fashion. Please continue reading and I will be back very soon!


Nathasha Poly by Mario Sorenti


Two sides of one story

Emily Griffin" Heart of the matter"
I really enjoyed "Something borrowed/something blue" books from Emiliy Griffin so it was with great pleasure and expectations that I reached for her new book. I was not disapointed.

"Heart of the matter" walks us in the live of two women. Both are in their 30s, both have children and live in Boston. This is all as far as similarity goes. One is married, recently quit her job to spend more time with kids and husband and tries to fit in to new situation. Other is sngle, overprotective mom that concetrate all  attention on her kid in order to forget that in fact she has no life on her own. There is also a husband who is apparently lost between what he wants and what is expected of him. As you can imagine, there will be tears, suspitions, love affaire, hearts and illusions broken.

But this book is not an easy chick lit. It makes you wonder how you really know people around you and how much you are willing to forgive. Good book, I strongly recommend it.

You can get it this book  HERE - Heart of the Matter


Serena has her bag already

Gossip Girl

Do you want to know who the new girl on the block is? It's Shourouk Rhaiem, jewelery and accessorise designer. Her pieces has already been picked up by Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman and had their onscreen premiere few weeks ago. 

Shourouk is a french stylist and jewelery designer that created her own brand back in 2008. She started by creating haute jewelery pieces - bracelets, earings and necklasses. Then came the fantasy headbands and bags. Shourouk creates fantasy world with her designs. They are creative, unique and made from the best materials. No wonder clients were quickly seduced. Her designs can be mixed with sophisticated gown and casual wear. They always fit. That is what makes them unique. I truly wish they could be less expensive.
Below you can see latest Spring/Summer 2011 collection ( my favourite picks)

How do you like it?
If you want to know more about Shourouk, visit her website.


Change of season, change of hairstyle

Seems like this week main theme is spring 2011 trends and styles. 

Please don't blame me, it's finally warm and sunny in Paris and I enjoy playing dress up in new spring clothes. Recently I was watching photos and video from SS 2011 shows and got inspired. How about post on new styles in hair and make up? After all if you really want to change for spring, the best thing is to start playing with your hairstyle!

I am not a hair expert, but judging from spring collections and style in the streets, main hairstyles this spring are:

Smooth move

One of the key looks will involve long hair, very straight and very shinny. Mostly seen on blond models, but I can assure you - brunettes can rock this look as well.

I am Prima Ballerina

One more ways that Black Swan movie affected fashion trends this year. More or less messy  (I vote for messy version). Hair style already tried out by celebrities with good results.

Celine pony tail

Inspired by Celine catwalk. Definitely my favourite hair style this spring. Pony tail with more volume and more texture. Perfect for every occasion, really.

Wild & curly

Let Sonia Rykiel be your reference here. Wild, crazy, curly hair - all colous and lenght allowed.

Any you? What hair style will you chose this spring?

Photo credits: elle, instyle.com


How far photoshop can go?

Last night I was picking up a friend from a train station. As usual, train was late so I hit the kiosk to catch up on my glossy reading. Time in a care-free land as my boyfriend calls it. Great thing about Gare du Nord kiosk is that they have magazines from all over the world, so I looked at US Vogue, Elle and was moving slowly to the UK section. Then I saw this and got pretty scared.

Well, the cover says it's Gwyneth Paltrow, but I think only eyes, nose and hair belongs to her. All the rest, if at all real, belongs to some model with un - human like body. Great body that rocks this Burberry dress, but not Gwyneth body. And the face, doesn't she looks a little like plastic? 

Why on earth anyone would publish o cover like this in 2011? Everyone knows about Photoshop by now!
And why person like GP would accept so much of a Photoshop work?

Anyone would like to give me an answer? I am lost here...


Spring will be light and delicate

Mango Spring 2011
Mango Spring 2011
Mango Spring 2011
Mango Spring 2011
 Mango Spring 2011

It seem like this spring we will have two new trends to chose from: color block and nude palette, fa├žon Chloe. I like both of them and the idea of more colour on parisian streets make me happy. Way too much black around lately. However looking at Mango Spring 2011 collection I am more inclined to the nude wave. Just seems so feminine and delicate. Also way much easier to wear than color block. Somehow I really like the idea of delicate, feminin clothes in the world we are living in.


Thank you for your last collection

My own personal tribute to John Galliano genius. 
Thank you for the latest Dior collection. Hope we will see more of JG soon.

As Tom and Lorenzo wrote this week: One man's ugly personal demons couldn't erase the beautiful work they did.

Video credit: Fatalefashion via youtube.com


Project Runway diva is back

Yes, Gretchen Jones is back.Project Runway Season 8 winner and  was probably the most anyoing contestant ever. And diva in a sense when diva is someone who thinks no one is as good as her.

Her first Fall 2011 collection was presented few days ago. Stangely enough I like some pieces.

Gretchen Jones Fall 2011

Gretchen Jones Fall 2011

I am not a big fan of colors used for this collection, but I can see the consistency here. I really like green dress and white/grey dress from the second picture. Those are nicely styled, easy to wear pieces. All the rest is interesting but there is something wrong with the draping and cut. Not to mention that mustard shorts won't flatter anyone. Please notice the jewelery used here, I believe those are Miss Jones designs as well. Nicely played.


It girl with an it bag

Blake Lively in Chanel ad

Chanel revealed new add campaign for Chanel Mademoiselle bag. Blake Lively is an egerie of the bag.
I am really glad the bag is better than recent Louboutin creation for Blake.

Photos were made by Karl himself and you can clearly see his vison here. It's sophisticated and sleek and you don't recognise our Gossip Girl at first. Your eyes go straight to the bag and that is the whole point.

How about you? Do you like it?


Fashion x-rayed

Fashion X-rayed
Interesting exposition in Val d'Europe, few minutes from Paris. Concept: x-ray objects we use every day. Especially all that can be clasified as fashion and good brands. So we can see inside of a Dupont lighter,  Loutoutins, leather jacket and more.

I haven't seen it yet but I am definitely looking forward to it. Interesting experiment, but for now I cannot understand the purpose of the whole project. Maybe once I see the photos I will get it?


Last days, latest loves

Paris Fashion Week is almost over.
Soon enough we will concentrate on testing spring trends and looking out for the summer.

Let me introduce to you my latest loves from Paris Fashion Week.

Yves Saint Laurent

YSL classics at it's finest.


They keep on suprising me with ideas and styling. And those are good suprises. I won't wear a red face in the fall, but I will surely wear this great red, black and white dress.


Chic, classy and clean. Very nice Celine! Please note new way of holding a bag. After Prada, Celine is trying to launch new trend. I like both of them and already start applying. My friends decided  that in order to do this right I need new Prada and Celine bag. Couldn't agree more.

Photos: style.com