Knitwear and leather

Hello, new love!

No one mix leather and knitwear as Clarissa Labin.
Just look at that:

Clarissa Labin Look38

Clarissa Labin Look 37      

Clarissa Labin Look 28
Clarissa Labin Look 21

Grey sweater from the first picture is beautifully structured, wool dress with braid detail is officialy on my wishlist for new season, leather dress is pure perfection and camel jacket is edgy yet wearable. Perfect propotions, perfect wardrobe. And this comes from someone who sweared she is all classic elegance.
I guess people change, don't they : )

Her pieces are not available in France for the moment, however you can get them online at  Nina and Lola .
If you wish to learn more about Clarissa Labin, visit her website.
Definitelly the new designer to watch!


Opium is good for you

Yves Saint Laurent just launched new fragrance - Belle d'Opium.

It's a new version of mythical perfumes Opium created by YSL back in 1977. Mythical for their name, that ewoked the prohibited drug, for the innovative and very intensive notes and for the advertising campaign that marked new era in beauty products advertisement.

Belle d'Opium is a slightly modern version of orginal Opium, however it is full of oriental notes (Casablanca Lily, oriental spices). It speaks to young active women as well as to mature ladies. 
Proof ? I had a chance to try out this new fragrance this weekend, fall in love with it and bought it immediately. My mum just informed me that she finally found her fragrance, that it is called Belle d'Opium and that I simply must check it out 'cause it's heaven. 
I swear this was total coincidence!

(Belle d'Opium, YSL)

Go here if you wish to see the ad campaign for new fragrance. Personally I am not a fan, still Belle d'Opium  it's definitelly my fragrance for autumn/winter.


Chez Jean

I want to introduce you to one of my favourite spots in Paris.

Chez Jean is just around the corner of my flat so I am visiting it on a daily basis.

Why it is so special?
  1.  It is one of the rare places in Paris where you can buy magazines&newspapers&books and grab
     a coffie  at the same time.
  2.  Magazine selection is great - you can find everything from Paris Match to Vogue US.
  3. Food is delicious! You can eat breakfeast, lunch and dinner there, everything is freshly prepared
    and tasty. I strongly recomend tarte citron meringue..yummy
  4. Decor is clean and simple, yet with lots of pop colours that put you in a good mood.
  5. People working there are the nicest and always ready to help.


London Fog

From TV to the reality. Christina Hendricks became new face of London Fog.

Remeber this episode in 3rd season of Mad Men when Don Draper is visiting Sterling&Cooper client - London Fog? Apparently he decided that Joan should be the new face of his client company.

"London Fog is a classic brand, which I love. It also ties into Mad Men, we used London Fog in the show and this was a nice way to tie everything together” Christina said.

I couldn't agree more.  Bravo London Fog for smart choice and bravo Christina!
She looks absolutely amazing.
Her timeless beauty, glamour  and elegance is pefectly shown in this campaign.


Gap replacement

Fashionista reported that Pierre Hardy wedges for Gap will hit the stores in October. I am obsessed with those shoes since few weeks however October seems too far away...

I couldn't wait and last Saturday I went shopping and found new love that is now standing proudly in my wardrobe.

( shirt Maje, skirt asos.com, shoes Bata)

I found them in Bata. They come in beige and black. They remind me a bit of Timberland and CAT shoes I used to wear in High School. Let's say  they are just more sassy vesion.

September issue Poland

After France here comes Poland. After all, I am a Polish girl.

Well, those magazines titles may not speak to you as they do to me, however I decided it could be interesting for all of you to see them.  First of all for a little knowlege and then for comparison of styling, ongoing fashion, models and quality. Which ones are better? I am not objective here, so it's for you to decide.

Let's take a look:

Twój Styl
My personal favourite as far as content goes.
On this cover you see Katarzyna Glinka, who is rather popular actress. This photo deforms her body and her face, no comments here. I like the styling and the colour palette - light blue, dark blue, white and yellow is a good choice here. Is it a pallete for September issue? Probably it would be more suitable for Spring, right?
Main tagline infoms us that this issue is about intimacy - bed, romanse, love affairs and homosexuality (yes, this is a random combination). There is NO word about fashion, nor fall, nor style whatsoever. Editors - did you forgot that it's already September?

Elle Poland
Better, right? You see nice outfit, enery, hype, colours and good photo. Thank you Elle for bringing back the hope.
Taglines interesting enough that I would by this magaizne : trends for A/W 10,  ideas how to refresh your garderobe, make up tips and an article on how each brand has different sizes.Validé!

Uroda magazine specialise in beauty topics, consequently ignoring fashion, culture, economics and so. That is perferctly ok, it has found it's niche. September cover here is no diffrent from all year round covers following the orders; girl should 
be pretty, has nice hair and make up and the colors should stand out. September 2010 cover meets all those rules AND they also manage to deform Edyta Herbus face ( click here if you wish to see how she really looks like). What is with those Photoshop craze in Poland? Please feel free to make a girl look beautiful but not deformed!

As far as styling and colour palette is concerned this is a good September cover. However the cover girl and topic brough up in this issue make me forget that it's yet another September issue. On the cover you can see Joanna Racewicz, well known journalist who lost her husband in April 2010 plane crash.
This evokes all emotions and sentiments form last spring.
Green is one of this fall top colours , it is also the colour of hope. Great choice of background - chapeau bas Madame Domagalik.

September issue

It's not a secret that September fashion magazine covers are the most important of the year.
Redactions discuss who would appear on the September cover months ahead and what that would symbolise is decided well in advance. September issues are usually packed with fall fashion style reports and previews and lots and lots of advertising. Every year I am waiting impatiently.for September issues to surface and here they are! Some of them are amazing and inspiring some really bad and boring. I looked closely at the most popular french magazine covers and tried to rank them.

Let's look at the September 2010 covers, shall we?

Yes, Katy Perry was the 2010 summer star with her lollipops and bra made of cupcakes. But for september coverl, really? She is lovely and kind of glamorous and maybe that's what Glamour reader is asking for. However I am disapointed with this choice and ever more with the styling that I must say it's boring and makes me feel like I have already saw those photos few years ago.
Taglines? My cool life in the city, 33 secrets to find your style (why 33?), Sean penn as a real man who left everything behind to save Haiti... yawn..

Does this photo of Jessica Alba comes from the same photo shoot as the one they put on Cosmopolitan US September cover ? If so, did they have to choose the less flattering one?

More seriously it's ok. I like the pallete and the dress simplicity.
Taglines are also more interesting than in Glamour - we have 300 fashion best tip for fall, report about friendship...I just noticed they also have "he ho je ne suis dispo", how to tell a guy that those are the sex free days. Ok, this one just ruined the entire image of nice september cover.

Marie Claire
It's getting better, there is still a hope. Marie Claire decided to have 3 different covers ,each reflecting the idea od "dare", "love" and "seduce". All three of them have rather poor styling but I like two things: red background that screams A/W collections and black and white letters ( I will just pretend I don't see those pink ones). It's clear and pretty and very MC.

There is article about all the news in beauty&cosmetics, 3 different photo shoots with fall styling and reportage on tybetian womens saving natural medicine. I may be tempted to buy that one.

Marie France 
Eva Longoria is very popular here in France. Not only because of there acting/model carrier but also because she is married to Tony Parker, french famous NBA player. Magazines with her on the cover always sells, therefore you can find her on various covers each month or even week.
I don't like the same story repeated over and over again.
(plus she looks fade and tired here). Point final.

Vogue France
 The one, the only...Marion Cotillard on the cover with great styling and perfect, yet not so classic make up. Cotillard is one of the most shining stars of the moment, and it seems like it will stay this what for a while. She also has great personal style and is classified as the style icon. It makes sense Vogue chose her for September issue.
I love the electric blue used in the title mixed with white in taglines. I have bought this issue today and can't wait to look what's inside.

What is your opinion? Agree? Disagree? Don't care?
Share it with me.

P.S I am still waiting for Officiel and Numero September covers...I will keep you post it.




I have this new obsession called "I want I must I got to have those shoes".
It started when I saw Pierre Hardy collection for Gap for A/W 2010 season. My first thought: this is so not Gap. My second one: I just need to have them. I am now officially haunting all the Gap stores in Paris in my desperate need to get those beauties.

One pair will do. 
Just please Gap, please let me know when they hit the stores!

Galeries Lafayette

Every morning on my way to work I am driving by Galeries Lafayette, so I have a chance to see all the great window decoration they put together. This week I have noticed some change so I forced Louis to stop, look and make some photo. 
This time Galeries decided to show us fashion show backstage, with racks of clothes, acsessories, makeup and polaroids. Only thing missing is real models, but we can't be that demanding. I like this concept. I find it fresh, clean and up to date. Not to mention the gorgeous clothes that are shown. To be honest with you,
I wish I could have closet  like this. : )


Fall preview

With Mad Man 4th season start earlier this month  I am slowely recovering from my summer tv negligence.
I have realized that September is only two weeks away and instead of feeling sad and nostalglig about summer I am starting to get excited. All because new season means new seasons of my favourties TV shows and the new ones to come.

So what should we follow in September? Let's look at my private fall preview, shall we?

The Good Wife ( on CBS, returns in September)

Cliffhanger : Last episodes were full of emotions and ambivalency. Peter was cleared of charges and decided to run for state's attorney. Alicia got the job and finally made a move on Will, who is clearly in love with her. In the last scene Alicia is about to join her husband on the stage to show the world that she is still by his side, while Will is calling on her cell. We are pretty sure he wants to tell her he loves her and wants to be with her no matter what. Will she pick up? Will she join Peter?

What I hope will happen: She picks up the call. I would love to see the 2nd season wrap around the plot of Alicia and Will romance and how it will affect Peter's carrier. However I suspect that they will make her stand by her husband and remain torn between the life she wants and the life she is suppose to have.

Brothers&Sisters ( on ABC, returns September 26th)

Cliffhanger: A massive car crash left Robert presumably dead and Holly in a rather critical condition. If that wasn't enough we learn that Saul is HIV positive and the shabby marriage of Rebecca and Justin will have to survive a long distance relationship try ( Justin had this absurdal idea to go to Haiti to help people...maybe he will join Wyclef? ; )

What I hope will happen: Please, please producers SAVE ROBERT ! I LOVE ROBERT! And please made Justin fell in love with some haitian chick and never come back..... Unfortunately producers already revealed they plan to leap forward a year, meaning that probably Robert will not be saved. However there is still a chance that Justin will be gone..Ok, I can't really wait for this one!

Love bites ( on NBC, new series starts in September)

Why I can't wait to see it:  His series is comming from Cindy Chupack, the creative mind of Sex and the City, leaving me dreaming about fresh and inspiring series for women about women. I hope for someting I could watch with my girlfiends on winter nights, laugh and gossip all along. I know the SATC is irreplaceable, but something close to the ideal could be fun to watch. NBC describes the series as "the story of three, modern storied of love, sex, marriage and dating". To follow...

Mr. Sunshine ( on ABC, new series coming in September)

Why I can't wait to see it: Because it's Matt Perry. Point final. He was my favourite in Friends and he was the greatest in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (any ideas why this show was canceled??? it was brilliant!!!). Plot of new show is rather promising : Matt stars as a manager of a second rate sports arena who begins to re-evaluate his life on his 40th birhday. There is a bossy boss, cute co-worker and clueless and sweet friend. I have watched trailer ( that you can find here: Mr. Sunshine trailer ) and it give me hope for cool and inteligent show.

Other shows I will follow ( some out of curiosity some because they kind of grow on me)
Gossip Girl
How I meet your mother
Desperate Housewifes
Drop dead diva
And I will definitely give Breaking Bad a try.

I've told you before - I am a TV show freak.


Cité des Arts

Few days ago I have discovered yet another nice place to hang out on lazy summer afternoon.

It’s just right next to Cité international des Arts building (Metro Pont Marie, line 7, Paris) , institution giving shelter to all artist of this world and proposing great music spectacles, exposition etc. The building itself is not too inspiring, however if you continue walking you will find charming rue des Barres. And the magic begins.

It’s a little square between typical Parisian buildings in the marais district and Saint Gervais church. Perfectly situated next to la Seine but hidden from traffic and noise. You will find there nice restaurants where you can have nice meal between friends. I recommend restaurant L'Ebouillanté ( click here for more info) with it’s delicious crepes, salads and white wine. The tables are placed outside on the square so you can enjoy the weather and the view.

What I loved about this place is a feeling of calm and relax. Everyone is friendly, smiley (that is rather rare in Paris I dare to say) and a little artsy. We were seated next to the artist that was drawing some sketches, two Spanish beauties and an older couple that came to Paris to celebrate their 40 wedding anniversary. Cliché? Maybe, but a great one. All this combined with warm light of late afternoon sun and the smell of roses from the church garden made us feel completed and happy.

Perfect late afternoon


they don't serve lunch in heaven

It’ August and Paris in August is one of those few moments I adoooore this city.

No people on the streets/restaurants/shops/parks plus the great weather.

I feel at home on those half empty Parisian streets. Finally I get to notice all those little details on the buildings, discover new places (that are always to crowded to even bother) and test all those fabulous terraces drinking wine with friends….Heaven!

There is however a little “but”…

When the city is on holidays, your office is reduced from 60 to 20 people, bosses are somewhere sur la plage and you can finally take 2 hours lunch…everything is closed in the “office district”. No lunch for you my dear. All lunch places within 1 kilometer from my office are closed.

Fermeture anuelle, that can easily translate to “ I am on vacations and you are stuck in the office, bon appétit”.

They are literally forcing me to either :

1. Start to cook (oh, the greatest pleasure : )

2. Go on diet

What would you do?

Have a great day!


Summer calls for summer reads

Summer calls for summer reads.

I’ve just finished one of the greatest of a kind Auntie Mame by
Patrick Dennis.

This book was first published in 1955 in New York and stayed on the bestseller list for 12 weeks.

Since my resent fascination for New York in 50s and early 60s (thank
you Mad Men creators) has reached its peak , I have bought this book
on the spot. I was not disappointed.

It’s a delicious read that leaves you with a feeling that absolutely everything is possible,
darlings! You just need to fix yourself a nice littl
e cocktail, put the most gorgeous outfit
and keep your head and spirits high forever and always.

This novel chronicles the madcap adventures of a boy, Patrick who is growing up with his
aunt- Mame Dennis. One of the most eccentric character in literature. Mame is fun loving woman always ready for new challenges. She is fabulous, never gives up and guide her
darling, darling little boy through all the life’s adventures and stages giving him the
education and knowledge he would not get elsewhere.

Although the book is purely fiction, the main character was inspired by author aunt Marion Tanner, whose life and outlook in many ways mirrored those of Mame. The book was
made into a play, a Broadway as well as a Hollywood musical, and a movie starring Rosalind Russell. Although seeing this movie in 2010 is next to impossible, I have managed to find
some parts on You Tube. You can find them here .

Grab this book and let yourself be mesmerized by the glamorous world of Auntie Mamie.