2012 will be the best year

Happy New Year!
2012 will be the best year ever, full of joy,love and happiness! Just wait and see!


Merry Christmas

And here we are December 24th

No Christmas present wish today, only hope for great time with my family, peace and love everywere.

I wish you all Merry Christmas! I hope you will have a chance to spend it the way you like: with family and firends with lots of love around. Don't know about you but, I am waiting for all my 24 presents and I hope your Santa will be as generous as mine. 

Merry Christmass!


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I really can't wait. I can't help it, as I grow older I love Christmas more.
Time to make another wish 23rd one that is.

This is my signature perfume. It never bores me and I use it on absolutely every occasion.


Travel with style

Packing day finally arrived!

I am flying back home tomorrow so today is packing day for me. I usually don't like packing but this time is different. It's fun to pack all the presents for my family, choosing outfits for Chistmas festivities. And I finally feel that I have 4 days Christmass vacations in front of me, much needed I would add. To add a little glamour to my suitcase I make my December 22nd wish.

Jimmy Choo Teddy glitter leather luagge tag.

It's pure vanity but somehow sooo cute, am I right? And good fit for the Christmas voyage.


The shortest day of the year

I've heard on the radio this morning that today we have the shortest day of the year. 

That baisically means that sun will be with us very shortly, if at all. I haven't seen it since last weekend. But there is a good news in here as well - it also means that starting tomorrow, days will get longer and longer. For the shortes day of the year, December 21st I prepared my 21th December wish - Eugenia Kim Kurt Rabbit felt fedora. It looks so chick and most important - it's warm. I really like the chain detail.

Only 3 days to go to Christmas!Yay!


Minna Parikka

Just discovered new fab shoes designer!

Already well know in Finland (her native country), she is starting to gain her place in a top designers to watch world ranking. I heard about her designs form a girl at work, used google magic and fallew head over hills. What I appreciate the most is the unique sens of humour that goes/is hidden in every piece. Real masterpiece. My 20th December wish is to get nice Minna Parikka shoes collection (ok Santa, one pair might just as well do the trick). Look at my selection below, and find out more about the designer on her website.



It's Monday...again...

Why it's always so hard to get back to work after a weekend? Even when you love your job, it's just sooo hard sometimes to face Monday morning crisis. Especially when temperature hit 0 degrees and clouds hang so low..

19th December wish is to face the cold, the Monday with dignity wearing...

Donna Karan reversible shearlin coat. Somehow even looking at it makes things better.