in case you forgot

Just in case you forgot...one more day and we are entering CHRISTMAS 2010!
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I wish you great Christmas and happy 2011.


What will January wear in spring

The answer: essentials only.
January Jones for Versace Spring 2011
Now this is a spring campaign preview that won't go unoticed. I just hope whole campaign will be as good as  this one picture. Mario Testino and Donatella did a great job here. And January Jones is a perferct match. Beautiful, famous, already fond of Versace creations ( she wore them many times on the red carpet) and she looks best in the 60s styling.

I think I may start to like Versace style after all...

 Photo Credit: wwd.com, style.com


Wishlist update

Dear Santa,
Can I update my wishlist, please?
Can you bring me this Camel Drape Jacket ? Juste one more gift, I was really really good this year!

Thank you
Love you always


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Shearling Drape Jacket in Camel, Nasty Gal


Diamonds are the girls best friend

Grand Palais in Paris holds exposition celebrating 125 years of italian jewelery brand Bulgari.

I saw it last weekend and came back mesmerized and in love with Bulgari designs. Also, new passion was found - jewelery design. Hard to believe it but I found it even more endearing that fashion design.
Imagine you have this perferc diamond in front of you, this perfect gift of nature and you need to be creative and delicate at the same time not to ruin it's beauty. I find this very inspiring and I belive jewelery designers are true artists, masters in their world.

Exposition itself is well ogranized leading visitor through the trur Bulgari story that began in 19th century in Grece. We learn the family history alongside with jewelery styles and fashion that changed over the years. I became particulary fond of 20s and 30s period with perfect diamonds and old school designs. I also admired use of new stones such as turqouise or white porcelaine.Of course there is also whole chapter devoted to Elizabeth Taylor, probably most famous Bulgari fan. My goodness, the women was blessed not only with beauty, talent and inteligence but also with some jaw dropping rocks.

Turqouise, diamonds,gold ring

Diamond broch

Trombino diamond+white gold ring

Nature inspired,sneak watch in gold

E.Taylor emeraud + diamond neckles

I wouldn't mind some Bulgari for Christmas this year.

Bring your own book

Have you seen pictures of Natalie Portman from "Black Swan" premiere?
Remeber the clutch bag she was holding?

Natalie Portman in Dior/Olympia Le Tan clutch

When I saw this I could think of two things - really bad styling and great bad idea.
So I started to google and there I fund Olympia Le Tan!

I love the idea Olympia had for those bag. I think it's ultimate chic to go on a formal party holding your favourite book. Or any party for that matter. My personal favourite is Betty and Striptease ( I guess I have this thing for Simeon). I went to Collete this weekend to grab one, but prize ( areoun 1000€)  scared me off. Well, I add them to my wish list.

See more on  OLT official website