My weekend find

Last weekend I went for a treasure hunt to my favorites vintages shops in Marais.

Once again I was amazed by how many cool things we can find there! Luxury brands goods, no brands goods, 50s items and 80s running track shorts. You just need to have a little patience with other customers (girls can get agressive over a belt!) and sometimes with the vendors (that tend to ingore you when you ask too many questions). Overall, good shopping escapade. And I found my new bag!!! 

Please meet my  Mac Douglas bag, model Pyla in Buffle leather.

I think it's a good compromise between Celine ( over 1000€)  and random Zara bag ( €100). Plus I was promised it will stay in a good shape forever.


Time off

Let's take a little time off from Fashion Weeks to talk beauty and make up.
This post is my little thank you to Chanel make up line creators. Thank you for Le Crayon Khol! Eyeliner is part of my make up essencials and I have just found the one for me. Easy application that gives straight lines even if you are not really wake up and in a hurry ( tested!), soft but hard enough, no smuges ( tested!) and good colour palette. Black is an actual black. Also it comes with cute pencil sharpner. I strongly recommend it to all you out there.

Well played Chanel!


John on hold

News flash: John Galliano is suspended from all this functions at Dior.
Reason: John Galliano was arrested last night in Paris. As reported, he is accused of "violence" and anty semite" comments in regards to yound couple.

We won't find out what really happend. This is however BIG deal at the moment, just days away from Paris Fashion Week. Who will walk at the end of Dior fashion show?

Hello Italy!

It's time for Milan Fashion Week!

 It's started with Gucci, and imidiately swept me of my feet. So no introduction, just look at the pictures.


Do you see what I mean here? Fist of all - colours. Colours chosen for the collection, how they work together, how they make the clothes alive. Then continuation of "back to the 70s" theme, that this time works perfectly for me. And finally the designer talent. All 2011 is for me Frida Giannini year. What she proposed for spring/summer is masterpiece. What we saw from autum/ winter collection is even better. Look at the dresses! Look at the dresses! Isin't it a perfection?

Max Mara

It came as no surpise that I liked Max Mara collection. What this fashion house stands for is quality, good design, well structures pieces and colours that will never run of fashion. I am a big fan.


Two things worth mentioning here. Look at the shoes Prada decided to pair up with wool coat/dresses. Snake print and a good girl look. Dangerously interesting. Also, notice the way models hold their bags. Close to their bodies, like if they were holding book, computer, doll? New trend to spot?  
I love the black coat with fur.

Dolce& Gabbana 

Pop colors, fun, conversed turned to pumps. My favourite pieces from the show.


Shoes instead of leafs

Why I love living in Paris?
Because you can find something unexpected on every corner, like shoes tree.


Fashion Prorsum

Let's take plane to London and participate in London Fashion Week, shall we?
We  can hang out at Top Shop venue (champagne for free), explore Sommerset House corridors and catch a glipse of Christopher Bailey. Ready?

Matthew Williamson

When I watched this show I had a feeling we are still in the NY. Every trend spotted in NY was implemented at MW. I really liked the colours used and I think pants were my favourite pieces. So there you go - one in red and one in pink/fuchsia. Not a big fan of beige polo.


It's been a while since I am saving for one of their bags. Now I should start saving for one of their coats too. Preferably the black one. Overall good pieces, good structure and cut. I love the matching bag and coat - one more time in pink/fuchsia.

Krystof Strozyna

Although show styling  scares me off (too pale, too ghost-y) I really like this black dress. Wearable and cute.



Biggest suprise for me so far. I never really paid attention to this fashion house and it was a mistake. Their collection blown me away. If I could have every piece, I would. Clothes, bags, shoes, styling - I want it all. After DvF AW 2011 collection, this is so far my secon favourite.

Burberry Prosum

Unusuall collection for Christopher Bailey. New shapes and new colours. It's been a while since we saw this form Mister Bailey. Loved new shapes, not so much the colours. I will stick to black and white. Ah, and this white coat - can I have it for my birthday please?

More on Fashion Week London to come!


God bless Colin

Oscars are just few days away, so I am catching up on all  nominated movies. It's to bad some will be available in France early April...

This weekend  it was "The King's Speech" time. What a delightful movie! Fantastic cast, great script. Big moment in the history, important persona show as a human being. It does not happen often in the movies. I was mesmerised by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. They are my Oscar guys.


Wrap up

Maybe I am in a more peaceful mood than at the beginig of this week.
Or maybe last shows of New York Fashion Week were just sooooo much better that those at the begining. (isn't that a rule?)

My "best of" looks from last days:

 Monique Hullier AW 2011

Because it's red carpet ready and at the same time coctail time pret-à-porter. So you can picture yourself in it as well. J'adore those stylish black dresses and the shoes!

Halston AW 2011

 Actually it's just this one look. Immaculate white cape. Picture this in a imaculate snow scenery.

Catherine Malandrino AW 2011

I like that she present her pieces on the "pedestral". Also they are rather casual and easy to wear pieces. Maybe beside the black dress.I keep on thinking it's more like spring piece, it may get cold in winter.

Marc by Marc Jacobs AW

Because I can actually afford those clothes and because styling was perfection. Look at the hair!

Theallet AW 2011

The essential of parisian style made in NYC.

You can see the NYFW AW 2011 posts here


It's good to have a crown, even if it's paper

You have probably figured it out that this post is about Lauren Conrad new line Paper Crown.

Look book has been delivered few days ago. Collection is cute, very very cute. Pieces are easy to wear, easy to mix and Ibelieve they will be flattering for different body types. She also used one of my favourites colors. In another worlds - good job Lauren.


There is a dark side in all of us

The beauty of "The Black Swan" lies in the capacity of Aronofsky mind to link schizophrenia to one of the most popular ballet play. This is like linking the ugly side of mind to one of the most beautiful form of art.

The constant fight that every one of us is having between wrong and right, good and bad, our white and our black swan. It takes intelligence and audace to show a struggle that schizophrenia patient go through in a world of- what society sees as pure beauty- ballet dancers. Lonely girl in a route to perferction and succes. Wrong mother - daugther relations, very demanding maestro and jealousy  that drives you mad.

All in all, not my favourite movie. The scean when I feel I was touchning the essence was Portman reincarnation to black swan. Nathalie is withouth any doubt a star of this movie, but I certainly hope that it is not her role of a lifetime. I believe she is capable of something greater.


There are no news steps, only new combinations

New York Fashion Week is in a full swing.
Over 35 collection have been shown so far and there are more to be seen. As always, I would much rather be in NYC at the moment to experience Fashion Week crazy days first hand instead of watching the shows online. I should seriously consider new job with more flexible working hours. For now, I am grateful for Vogue website.

Derek Lam's show opened with a quote from George Balanchine " There are no new steps, only new combinations". This is a quintesence for AW 2011 NY shows. Nothing that we haven't already see, but maybe mix and conbinations will lure us. For the moment I am lusting over Diane von Fustenberg and Derek Lam. Diane for the color palette, Derek for the cut.

Derek Lam AW2011
Derek Lam AW2011

Diane von Fustenberg AW2011
Diane von Fustenberg AW2011

Also, Victoria Beckham.  Great proof that determination will get you everywhere you want. Please notice great cut of the first coat!

Victoria Beckham AW2011

Victoria Beckham AW2011
I was really waiting for Marc Jacobs, but that turned out to be a little disapointment. I am not a fan of polka dots, no matter in what color or size they come. I come to think that maybe I am getting really conservative with age. Or maybe I just need some minimalism and pieces that are ready to wear and simple at the moment.
More from New York Fashion week to come.

Pictures: vouge, pudelek


Even maestro gets it wrong sometimes

Happy Valentine's day Daily Style Mix readers!
Hope you will have a happy day.

As for Monday style news, check out Christian Louboutin new creation.
The Blake

It was created for Blake Lively therefore no suprise with the name "The Blake".
Am I in a bad mood or is this really ugly? Seems like it's  made of plastic only and very unconfortable. I guess even maestro gets it wrong sometimes.


Country weekend

I am getting out of the city and can't wait! Weekend in the country is what I need right now. Walks in the forest, horse back riding, romantic evening by the fire place. Some time to relax.

All this in style, of course! 

1. Chloe boots 2. Chloe wool blended sweater 3. Juicy Couture Faux- fur trimmed cotton parka 4. Gucci sunglasses 5. J Brand Jeans 6. Chloe Marcia bag (images net-a-porter.com)

Yes, it's almost all Chloe ( I am obsessed with this bag!) and yes, I hope the sun will finally come up.
Have a great weekend!


Tie it, snap it, wrap it, drape it

I am very proud to present you designer Karolina Zmarlak.

Karolina has reinvented the concept of casual pret- a -porter and won me over. She created the "Fluid Foundations" collection where each piecie is reversible. Dresses can be flipped and folded to expose different silhouettes, colors and fabrics.

Fluid Foundations 2011 collection

Fluid Foundations 2010 collection

SS 2011


How creative and efficient. Just think about free closed space! Her latest SS2011 collection have more colour and optimism to it. It is still casual and traditional. Those pieces will be in vouge for ages.
I just wish I could try them out. Unfortunatelly Karolina works and lives in NYC and her designs are not available in Europe just yet. Karolina, any chance you come to Paris any time soon?

For more info visit Karolina website. ( that is also source of pictures shown here).