Many definitions of love

Have you seen "I am love" with Tilda Swinton yet?

I am love poster
I did, last night, and I am still perplexed.

On one hand - it's pure beauty. Pictures are great. So pure and clean, the game of light and shadow is following you all the time. Every scene is a picture, a photograph that can stands on its own. It that aspect it feels so close to "Single Man". Of course the fashion - italian luxury and perferction in every scene. No faux pas. I guess there is no point writing an essay about the actors - it's pretty obvious that Tilda and rest of the cast gave a top performance. I would say Oscar nomination would be welcome.

Then, the plot. And I don't know what to write here. All seems simple and easy to understand: rich family with traditions, unhappy womand that falls in love with a young man and great tragedy comes along. Although I understand the plot, I found it hard to dive into it and feel all the emotions. There are just so many of them, the symbolics are so rich and omipresent that you can get easily confused. It was too much for me to handle for just 2 hours. 

I am still thinking about this movie, about the drama, those emotions are still in me. For now I understand well the title "I am love". Because this is the core of the movie - love in all its definitions and faces. In all it's glory and misery. Powerful, strong and always above everything else and above us all. Even if we don't realise it.


I wish I could...

...be in Saint Germain de Prés right now, sipping cappucino waiting for Sonia Rykiel show to start...

Clockwise from the top left: Yves Saint Laurent Wool-blend cape-style jacket(net-a-porter.com); Chaumet lien; Yves Saint Laurent leopard-print cashmere-blend scarf(net-a-porter.com); Carven crepe knot-front drape dress (net-a-porter.com);Christian Louboutin Sultane 140 suede pumps(net-a-porter.com); Celine Luaggage bag.

I make many mistakes

"I make many mistakes. Many mistakes. So I always get nervous when people speak about something that sounds like a role model, because I don’t know if I’ve been a great role model myself. I don’t think I have in certain aspects of my life. "

Naomi Campbell in Interview Magazine October Issue.

Photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Pigott
Fashion Editor: Karl Templer

I don't know how Naomi is in a private life. In photos she is pure perfection, strong, crazy and bloody. However the interview is good and pictures great. Please make sure you have a stomach for this.

Whole interview and more pictures here.


If I have to choose one

So many great collection have been shown during NY, London and Milan Fashion weeks that is hard to pick up just one that you like. So many have been said about each designer, new fabrics, new collections that I feel it's not my place to add more. Instead I will share with you some images from Gucci S/S 2011. There was not a single piece that I would not desire.

Chapeau bas Frida Gianni.

To see the whole collection check this video ( credits :kaiserfashion)


London calling

I am in London this week.
Not for Fashion Week but I may put this outfit on and try to get backstage.

Clockwise from the left: Matthew williamson Sculpted wool dress; Stella McCartney Crow faux-suede studded boots; Top Shop Floppy Fendora hat; Burberry Prorsum Sampson Medium Hobo leather bag; Top Shop Motobike jacket; all www.net-a-porter.com or Top Shop.


Busy Saturday, lazy Sunday

Robert Doisneau, Paris
Unknown, Paris cafe circa 1925

After good party there comes Sunday when we can relax, eat bruch with girlfriends, tan and discuss last night events. Have a great weekend!


Click to vote

Another update about Lanvin loves H&M collection.
Lanvin decided to invite bloggers to the game and I couldn't be happier. They are asking bloggers to install a widget on their site, asking readers to vote for their blog. Votes are counted via Facebook H&M fan page and the blogger with most votes will receive unique acces to Lanvin hearts H&M video collection.

Do  you want to see this exclusive video? Vote for Daily Style Mix!
You just need to click on the button on the left or below.

Merci everyone!


We can dream

Victoria Beckham A/A 2010

My birthday party is this Saturday and I want to wear this dress.
Everyone can dream.


Don't juge book by ... it's popularity

London, Warsaw, Geneva, Milan... every bookstore I have visited  in the last couple of months seemed to be filled with "Eat, pray, love" a novel by E.Gillbert.

[ Nice and quite interesting story about a women who decides to leave old life behind and indulge herself in a soul/self searching trips to Italy, Indie and Indonesia. Therefore she goes to Rome to eat, learn italian and have fun, then a monastery in India to cleanse her body and mind. At the end it's Bali and new her with new attitude and new way of life.
 Yes, you have heard similar stories before, but read this book anyway because despite shallow introduction there is a deeper sense to it. And there is a movie coming with Julia Roberts, that's how popular the book is!]

But not in France. Rien, nope, nada...

Why? The book was such a success elswhere than it should rock in France, right? Wrong. Few simple reasons why frenchies won't read this book:
  • They don't like to be told what to do and how to live. "Eat, pray love" can be easly classified as a self-aid book that will tell you how to life a better life. French people already have the best life ever, so why read that book? Useless.
  • They don't know how to categorise this book. Should it go to a summer read section? Fiction? Reality? Either you are a writer and you tell a nice story based on your experience or you are an expert on the suject and you write an essey. Someting in between won't work.
  • They don't like the title. Going to Italy to experience good cuisine? Are you for real? Why she won't come to France?
  • They don't like the title. Pray...world to contradictory to even mention it without being jugded.
  • They don't like the title. Indonesia won't teach you how to love. Does French lover ring a bell?
Don't juge a book by it's popularity elswere. Every market has it's own rules, traditions and customs - ignoring that won't help you. Think globally but act locally. Always.


Well played Chloé

New Chloé fragrance hits the market - Chloé Love.

I am a fan of their first perfumes - Chloé -  therefore I am pretty excited to see what the Chloé team prepared for us this time. I am not sure how to best describe this new fragance - it's soft and delicate, feminin and litte floral (Iris notes) but with a touch of strong attitude. I believe they wanted to impersonate the Chloé 2010 woman that we see on  the runway and adds (active, real, strong, feminin, fun loving and with great taste) and it's a success.

Good fragrance is one thing but I want to show you the ad campaign:

Ines Van Lamsweerde for Chloé Love
I adore this picture taken by Ines Van Lamsweerde. The lighting is perfect there is action, move and I am so glad to see they decided to go black and white. All the beauty of Raquel is show here.All the perfection of Chloé design is here. When I look at this campaign I want to be that woman, I want to run to the store and buy this magic bottle asap. Chapeau bas!

Well played!
Love by Chloé

To see how video comerical was made go here. It was created by Roman Copolla. The name stands by itself.


Have A Nice Day

HAND - Have A Nice Day- restaurant opened last year and immediately took place in the hearts of USA loving Parisians. Main reason: HAMBURGERS! The real ones, the most american ones you can find on this side of the ocean. 

I decided to give it a try last Saturday just before going to the movies with friends (and by the way - please don't waist your money on "Salt").  The location is great, right in the center of Paris, next to the Opera Garnier, Louvre and Palais Royal. Decoration is not too original but nice as a whole - old pictures on the walls, vintage tables and chairs, dimmed light. On the menu all american classics - hamburger, cheeseburger, becon burger, farmer burger, onion rings, Caesar's salad, Budweiser etc. and acceptable prices. So far so good. The service is nice and friendly, maybe a bit to much but it has it's charm.

Food presentation was nice however I wasn't too crazy about my hamburger, I found it a bit tasteless and the bread a bit old. At the same time I am not a hamburger lover type. The desserts however it's another story - homemade cheesecake was divine! Brownie and crumble as well. All of my friends really enjoyed their meals and the restaurant was proclaimed THE burger place in Paris.

Definitely nice place to hang out on a Saturday night afer/before movies.

HAND - 39 rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris


I want some of Victoria Beckham S/S 2011

Victoria Beckham presented her S/S 2011 collection last week at the New York Fashion Week.

Yet again she proved that she should be taken seriously by the fashion world. 
She is proposing chique and stylish dress - only collection. White, purple, nude, caramel, black. 
High waits, classic cut, flattering for every women. No unnecessary fuss is allowed, no faux notes or faux pas.
Everything needs to be simple and perfect. Your silhouette, your dress, hair and make up. 
Very Beckam.

Click here if you want to see the whole collection.


Les Mills maniac

Let's talk sport.

Despite the illusion that parisians live for art, fashion and croissants sport plays pretty important role here.
Don't fool yourself, french girls don't get fat only because they have good genes..

If you want to stay fit, Paris offers you many options. If you are on the low budget put your running shoes on and explore the city (many great parks, run along the la Seine or st Martins Canal). If you don't care about the price go to L'usine ( gym so expensive and poshy it's beyond) or get private coach. If, like me, you are looking for good gym that won't ruin you budget - go to Les Cercles de la Forme. 

Les Cercles de la Forme offer you gym, dance classes, martial art and Les Mills program. Les Mills is the perfect way to mix fun and pleasure with good workout. And I promise -  you won't get bored. You can dance during Body Jam, fight during Body Combat and relax with Body Balance. You can learn more about Les Mills here

Les Mills is probably present in other sport clubs in Paris, however I strongly recomend Les Cercles de la Forme, simply because they have the best trainers. Go there, ask for Wendy and you will know what I mean.


How adorable is Carey Mulligan on Vogue US October cover?




I want to show you two pieces from A/W 2010 COS collection.

For those not familiar with the brand little update: COS is actually H&M owned brand targeted to active urban habitants. They have simple designs yet they are far away from classic style. You can find modern twist in every piece and subtle incorporation of latest trends. In my opinion this is what makes COS special and so popular among the fashonistas around the world.

If I could I would buy around 90% of the latest collection. Below, two of my favourite dresses.

COS A/W 2010

COS A/W2010

I wish I could...

... be sitting in the first row for New York Fashion Week that starts in couple of hours...

Clockwise from the top left: Jill Sander Square- frame acetate sunglasses (net-a-porter.com); Sequin Metal Ring Status Necklace ( Piperlime); 3.1 Philip Lim Rabbit-trimmed wool and cashmere-blend cardigan (net-a-porter.com); Michael Kors Twist-sleeve wool top (net-a-porter.com); 7 for All Manking Black Jeans (net-a-porter.com); Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Wristlet (net-a-porter.com); Brian Atwood shoes (net-a-porter.com).


Sometimes simplicity is the best answer

I wanted to show you those ads back in the summer..better late than never, right?

Pomelatto proved that good design and quality jewelry doesn't need glitter, top model or big budget  to defend itsef and get noticed.

Sometimes a single rose is all we really need.

To know more about Pomelatto go here


Sometimes I like being careless

Task for the weekend?

Find a perfect nail colour for new season. I am hesitating between those two:

OPI Barefoot in Barcelona     
OPI Tickle my France

No, don't worry...I have other things on my mind as well...



It is official - Lanvin will create a capsule collection for H&M.
And may I just say "Hell yeah"!

Collection will be designed by Alber Elbaz ( womenswear) and Lucas Ossendrijver (menswear) and will launch in Europe on November 23th. Now I know were I am going to be on this (probably) cold winter morning.

Lanvin is a french brand with great history and tradition. Elbaz is its Artistic Director from 2001 and absolutely every picece he creates is pure magic and perfection. He mixes classic with modernity as no one else and I am absolute fan (please take my Birthday wish post as an exemple).

For H&M collection I am hoping for clean lines, classic silhouettes with little twist of insanity. And more over - affordable prices. If it won't be the case It will take me a while to reach proper Lanvin budget as their pieces are rather expensive.
Looks preview from November 2th on hm.com

And at the end, Lanvin ad campaign  for A/W 2010/11 featuring two polish top models Ania Rubik and Magda Frackowiak. Bravo girls, I am patriotically proud ( and I think I have just invented this word)...

Mad Men is a Rolling Stone

After Emmy for Best Drama Series, here comes the Rolling Stone cover.
And what a stunning cover this is!

Rolling Stone September 2010 cover by Robert Trachtenberg


New brand in the e-commerce world

There is good news for online shoppers community - Zara just launched first online store for their pret-à-porter.

What we like:
  • creation&graphics
  • clear, very professional photos
  • extras: videos, lookbooks for every month
  • even if you miss the new collection (and we all now that chez Zara collections are changing almost every month) you can still get your favourites online
What we don't:
  • there are still some technical bugs
  • it will makes us spend even more on clothes

Let's shop, shall we? 


Bridges are collapsing the first

Instead of simply announcing the name of it's upcoming designer collaboration, H&M invites us to play a little game.

There are voices saying it's Carolina Herrera and Thomas Maier for Bottega Veneta. I am pretty happy with both options.

The official announcment on 9th September.

Go back to school with style

Clockwise from the top:
Eliszbeth and James Lizzy shoes
Kookai black leather skirt
Kate Spade Bow studs
Kate Spade Large Bow Ring