My picks from Haute Couture Printemps Ete Paris 2011

Haute Couture Printemps Ete 2011 are now history.

For a week I was living in a little fantasy world where Haute Couture is affordable and I can imagine myslef wearing some Dior to work. Here are my picks from Paris shows.

 Bouchra Jarrar - my "it" designer of the moment. One more time she proves that details are everything.

Armani Privé, my favourite show this week. Rich shades, metallic, out of space. I fell in love with the red dress. Also, from the Red Carpet point of view - many potential celebrity Red Carpet moments.

Chanel. Very sober, very organised. I wish I could see more imagination, instead I got a dress I could easily wear to work. But it's Chanel, so it had to be in this post.

John Galliano for Dior. My fantasy world. Beauty. I love the extra volume on the skirt here. I would maybe change the colour.

Alexandre Vauthier. Nexy Mulgler?

Jean Paul Gaultier - My Fair Lady meets Mariniere.


New discovery, good surprise

Olka Osadzinska is my favourite discovery of the moment. She has been around for a while now so shame on me that I discover her talent and her creations so late. Better late then never...

Osadzinska is a polish artists who specialise in illustrating fashion, style and design. Her illustrations are full of colour, expression and interpretation of the lives of others. Others in that case means mostly fashionistats. Young, active and original. I love her pieces because they make me want to move and go for it. If like the samples I show here, check Olka Osadzinska blog.

She will put colour and optimism to your life.


It's snowing but I already think about spring

It's snowing but I already think about spring.

I guess I can blame all spring collection campaigns that started to show but deep inside I am just tired of cold, dimmed light and worm clothing. And I miss colours...Somehow this winter dark tones are predominant in my wardrobe.  

There goes my wishlist for SS 2011 season perfect bag:

Chloé Marcie

Mulberry Bayswater

I wouldn't mind having all of them...

Pictures courtesy of Net a porter


Where are you going lonely boy?

I have finally saw "Somwhere" by Sofia Coppola.

Critics and film industry experts have already written everything about that movie and it's possible that you have heard every interpretation and opinion there is. That is why I will only add two discussion points:

1. Is Chateau Marmont, legendary LA hotel, really so not- luxury-at-all inside? Is stories form the past and old, used furnitures really all there is? 

2. Where is Stephen going in the last scene? And would you really leave your Ferrari by the side of the road?


Gatta means cat in italian

New talent this week is Caterina Gatta.
I would define her style as feminine, sexy, unexpected.

Feminine because she designs mostly dresses ( t-shirt dress is her signature look), tunics, shirts in floral prints. Sexy because her designs make women look good, confortable, interesting and like "she just don't care". There is nothing more sexy that this attitude. Unexpected because you rarely see that much colors and print in one piece. And also because we don't suppose to look good in that much color and print and yet we do.

Caterina Gatta

Caterina Gatta

Caterina Gatta

Caterina Gatta

Caterina Gatta

Caterina studied Fashion and Costume Sciences at La Sapienza University in Rome but says her knowlege and inspiration comes mostly  form day to day work. She haunts for vintage fabrics and customize designs according to the personality of the future wearer.
I wonder what she would design for me....

If you want to know more, visit designer website.


In a blink of an eye

Gwen Stefani signed a deal with l'Oreal Paris.
That makes me very, very happy since I consider Gwen one of THE Style and Beauty Icons of our times.
Not only good looking and perfectly fit she is also great singer, composer and fashion designer. With her L.A.M.B collection she has proven that good taste and hard work can sometimes do more than poshy fashion school diploma. Congrats Gwen!

Gwen Stefani for L'Oreal Paris

She is also one of the few girls that can go from sporty to glamourous in a blink of an eye. 
One of my favourite looks...

Mamma mia

Dolce&Gabbana SS 2011 campain by Steven Klein
Dolce&Gabbana SS2011 campaign by Steven Klein
Very diffrent from previous SS2011 campaigns I have show you, isn't it?
Dolce&Gabbana stay true to italian roots and show us their own vision of Mamma Mia /Rome / any italian series from 60s. All shoot by Steven Klein. 

What I like: black and white game, lighting and that it makes me feel like in Italy
What I don't like: why all models look so worry? Maybe they were going for "sexy" but for me models look like there is something serious going on. Something seriously bad.

And you? Like? Dislike? Please feel free to comment!


Your skin has a fight to win

Winter is not an easy time for us in Europe. It's cold, raining/snowing, days are short, sun rare and bad mood omnipresent. Not to mention skin problems. Cold outside, warm inside and you face a disaster. I have really sensitive skin and every temperature change means dry skin and red spots all over my face. All the time.

Yes I have tried all kinds of skin products and spend a fortune on them just to find out how not effective they can be. But this weekend I have finally find my salvation! Avene calming and hydrating mask! One application and my skin feels great! I know..I sound like a commercial.

But believe me it's not a commercial post, just a tip for everyone that suffers as much as I do during winter. It's not expensive, easy to apply and it works wonders! Strongly recommend!


Bad choices will haunt you

I am deeply sad that I've missed Golden Globes last night.
It's not my bad will, it's the lack of options in my french television channel package. So I've checked Internet first thing in the morning, all excited and happy to see the winners and find out who wore what. First news and picture I saw was Natalie Portman that took Golden Globe award for Best actress in Drama movie last night.

Natalie Portman attending Golden Globes 2011 in Victor&Rolf
I was in such a state of shock I couldn't figure out if this is actually our Black Swan or pink cupcacke with  too much sugar and too big rose decoration on it.

I really love Natalie Portman and I admire Victor& Rolf designs. But whoever put Natalie in this dress should be punished. Or expelled from Red Carpet stylists association.


Gossip girl and sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Missoni SS2011 Juergen Teller

Missoni SS2011 Juergen Teller

Missoni 2011 by Juergen Teller

Missoni 2011 by Juergen Teller

Little preview of new Missoni campaign (thank you Vogue Italia), with Leighton Meester, Eugenie Niarchos, Lissy von Thun and Taxis, Tatiana Santo Domingo and Jaquetta Wheeler. I believe our favourite Gossip Girl feels quite good in the company or all those socialites, royalies and artists. For that I say chapeau bas Missoni! They have chosen Meester to for this campaign not only for her good taste, body a popularty but also for the assosiation with Blair Waldorf.  In the real world she would tottally hang out with Tatiana, right?

As for the styling, it was inspired by the cover of  "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" cover. I look at it and I have an imediate need to go on a fair.

Have a happy weekend!


Little structure won't hurt

Welcome to a new Daily Style Mix feature - New talents. I wanted to introduce new column to this blog a long time ago but couldn't figure out what it could be. Today it came to me: new talents. I am well aware that I won't be a reference in the subject as Vogue is, but I believe that new talents, new designers are the great topic and great inspiration. And since there are so many of them, with so many different styles and visions we will never get bored.

First in the line is David Koma.

David Koma
Recent graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design would like to become an artistic directore for Thierry Mugler. Watching David Koma designs, Mugler esthetics  seem to be the source of reference and inspiration. His presenting sculptural, body con dresses and sometimes heavy embellished dresses. His 2010 collections embodied rather strong, powerful and self confident woman and I must say I love those statement designs.The 2011 eleven collection - shown below - is more soft, more feminine and delicate. Still the key words for this designer are: structure, close to body, sexy in not obvious way.

SS 2011 David Koma
SS 2011 David Koma

SS 2010 David Koma
How do you like it? Will we be hearing more about David Koma next season?
I belive so..

More on David Koma website


Secret garden

Do you remember Frances Burnett novel "The Secret Garden" novel? Do you remember the mistery, the little girl dreams, the scenery? Mulberry invites you to visit Secret Garden one more time. Maybe you will find something new in it?

Photos come form Mulberry SS2011 ad campaign. Campaign was shoot by Tim Walker, styled by Edward Enninful. Models: Lindsey Wixson and Nimue Smit. I really like this campaign. I want the bag and the hair...


love and other marketing strategies

Last weekend, driven by the need of movie date, I have convinced my boyfriend to see "Love and other drugs". I am normally not attracted by the chick flicks and romantic comedies, I find them just too previsible. Somehow I believed this one will be different. Of course it wasn't so I am starting to think I am just a victim of some markeing strategy that makes girls loose their heads once Jake G. is on the poster.Naked.

He is also naked in 40% of the movie. But that does not help. Nor does the good Annie H. role and the quite interesting plot. Somehow the movie feels flat. There are some moments where we can laugh politely and we can even shed a tear. But the ensemble is just not working as it should.

What did you think of this movie? Flat, interesing, cute abs Jake? Share with me!
And I promise not to be tempted by any movie poster, ever.


Orange is in

One more day closer to spring.
And one more SS 2011 ad campaign to show. This time is Marc Jacobs. His SS 2011 collection got rather mixed reviews. Not everyone will feel good in the 70s styling and bright colors and in my opinion whole collection is a bit too agressive. But then maybe MJ is not for everyone?

Caroline Nielsen by Juergen Teller
Masha Kirsanova and Caroline Nielsen by Juergen Teller
When I look at this photos all I can think is Chupa Chups and "Taxi Driver".


Lace inspirations on a rainy day

Now and then I like to get lost in the streets of Paris. I believe it's the only way to really feel the city spirit and feel it's heart beat. Even though sky was covered with clouds and rain was just around the corner I have took my umbrella and get out. My feets led me to a nice little jewelry  store in Saint Germain called Baby Budda. I must confess - the store name inspired me to walk in.

This is a little story how I disovered Vanessa Mimran Nessa collection and fell in love with it.
Bracelet Azyiade collection
Neckles Azyiade collection

bracelet Snake collection

ring Tiger collection

ring Tresse collection

Her pieces are delicate like they are made of  lace. They are very feminine and at the same strong. Contrary of what we believe they prove that delicate jeweley can also make a statement. Just look at the tiger ring. 
Vanessa Mimran is the designer to follow and I am sure we will her about her in the near future.

I strongly recomend visiting Baby Budda (68 rue des Saints Pères)  and Nessa website .