love and other marketing strategies

Last weekend, driven by the need of movie date, I have convinced my boyfriend to see "Love and other drugs". I am normally not attracted by the chick flicks and romantic comedies, I find them just too previsible. Somehow I believed this one will be different. Of course it wasn't so I am starting to think I am just a victim of some markeing strategy that makes girls loose their heads once Jake G. is on the poster.Naked.

He is also naked in 40% of the movie. But that does not help. Nor does the good Annie H. role and the quite interesting plot. Somehow the movie feels flat. There are some moments where we can laugh politely and we can even shed a tear. But the ensemble is just not working as it should.

What did you think of this movie? Flat, interesing, cute abs Jake? Share with me!
And I promise not to be tempted by any movie poster, ever.

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