2012 will be the best year

Happy New Year!
2012 will be the best year ever, full of joy,love and happiness! Just wait and see!


Merry Christmas

And here we are December 24th

No Christmas present wish today, only hope for great time with my family, peace and love everywere.

I wish you all Merry Christmas! I hope you will have a chance to spend it the way you like: with family and firends with lots of love around. Don't know about you but, I am waiting for all my 24 presents and I hope your Santa will be as generous as mine. 

Merry Christmass!


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I really can't wait. I can't help it, as I grow older I love Christmas more.
Time to make another wish 23rd one that is.

This is my signature perfume. It never bores me and I use it on absolutely every occasion.


Travel with style

Packing day finally arrived!

I am flying back home tomorrow so today is packing day for me. I usually don't like packing but this time is different. It's fun to pack all the presents for my family, choosing outfits for Chistmas festivities. And I finally feel that I have 4 days Christmass vacations in front of me, much needed I would add. To add a little glamour to my suitcase I make my December 22nd wish.

Jimmy Choo Teddy glitter leather luagge tag.

It's pure vanity but somehow sooo cute, am I right? And good fit for the Christmas voyage.


The shortest day of the year

I've heard on the radio this morning that today we have the shortest day of the year. 

That baisically means that sun will be with us very shortly, if at all. I haven't seen it since last weekend. But there is a good news in here as well - it also means that starting tomorrow, days will get longer and longer. For the shortes day of the year, December 21st I prepared my 21th December wish - Eugenia Kim Kurt Rabbit felt fedora. It looks so chick and most important - it's warm. I really like the chain detail.

Only 3 days to go to Christmas!Yay!


Minna Parikka

Just discovered new fab shoes designer!

Already well know in Finland (her native country), she is starting to gain her place in a top designers to watch world ranking. I heard about her designs form a girl at work, used google magic and fallew head over hills. What I appreciate the most is the unique sens of humour that goes/is hidden in every piece. Real masterpiece. My 20th December wish is to get nice Minna Parikka shoes collection (ok Santa, one pair might just as well do the trick). Look at my selection below, and find out more about the designer on her website.



It's Monday...again...

Why it's always so hard to get back to work after a weekend? Even when you love your job, it's just sooo hard sometimes to face Monday morning crisis. Especially when temperature hit 0 degrees and clouds hang so low..

19th December wish is to face the cold, the Monday with dignity wearing...

Donna Karan reversible shearlin coat. Somehow even looking at it makes things better.


I am redecorating

I am virtually redecorating my appartment. I might not have a lot of space but that doesn't mean that my home can't be glamorous, right? Catching my Rachel Zoe vibe, I am taking inspiration from her house interior. 

18th December Christmas wish: new furnitures, pictured below:

Happy Sunday!


New York I would love to meet you

I have never been to New York.

Every year I promise myself that I will go even for few days and I always end up chosing more exotic and sunny places. It happened this year with Bali, last year with New Caledonia..well I suppose I cannot really complain. But I will turn 30 in 2012 and I have "week in New York" on my "to do list" before THE day. That is why I have decided to add trip to New York on my Christmas wish.

On December 17th my Chistmass wish is to for a week to New York and enjoy this amazing city.

Thank you Santa!


Thanks God it's Friday!

This week was truely exhausting. Loads of work, last minute christmas present shopping, christmas office party...I can wait to go home tonight, put comfy pajama on and snoooozzzzzeee.

Have you already guessed what the 16th December wish is?

It's Victoria's Secret The Dreamer Flannel Pajama. Which one do you prefer? 


Do you remember Spice Girls?

Tonight I have office Christmas party and everyone needs to dress  up as letter S. Well something, someone that name starts with a letter S. Santa, sugar, starbucks, sandals...you get the drill. With my collegues we decided to dress up as...Spice Girls? Do you remember them? I was really obsessed back in primary shool. 

I was chosen to be Posh Spice and I couldn't be more happy. After all, I now adore her as a designer. However when I look at her pictures from 90s, her style was a bit diffrent and a little latexy...Cannot be her, must be the 90s, right? To celebrate tonight and in memeory of Spice Girls my 15th December Christmas wish is a piece from Victoria Beckham SS2012 collection. 

With the bag and the shoes please.


Revolution in advertising

Yes, i call it revolution because it's truly is one.
For the firs time in the history of product advertising, men is advertining women bra. And may I just say he is rocking it. 

It is a very smart move form company Hema, that not only decided to launch new product, break the rules but also made sure to  have worldwide free publicity. Almost everyone is talking about those pictures.
Andrej Pejic is a great model, but to be honest not know for his chest volume. If he can sports Hema Mega Push Up bra then ladies - we can be sure we will do to.

I am impressed by Hema smart move here. Brava!

Ten days to go

December 14th so you know what that means.
Open up you Advent calendar window and make a 14th wish.

Anya Hindmarch, Huxley stingray-trimmed leather clutch. I was looking for perfect black clutch for some time now and there you go. Merci net à porter. And merci Santa.


Every day we are getting closer

Every day we are getting closer to Christmas.
I am very excited and looking forward to this day as if I was still a kid. I don't know, maybe it's beacause all the Christmas decoaration in Paris, carols played on the streets/starbucks, the fact I will be going home to spend some time with my family. All the factors combined make me wanna sing "Running around a Christmas tree"...

For now, I am concentration on my wishlist. And as today is December 13, it's time to make my 13 wish.
Chloé, chunky knit wool blend sweater.

It will keep me warm until spring and I can already see myself in it-with black opaque tights, black skirt and high heels boots. 


I am just that kind of girl

I had this dream for some time now. I am waiting up on monday morning, preparing for work and on my way  to the office I pop up at Starbucks and there is already my Grande Cappucino waiting for me. How perferct could this be? So perfect that on 12th day of December I am making it my 12 wish.

Dear Santa, please bring me magic VIP Starbucks card that will allow me to order anything I want, at any Starbucks I want anytime. Yes, I know this card don't really exist but maybe you can make an efford and create it for me. You know so well that I am just that girl, that's Starbucks addicted. 
Thank you


Sunday on my mind...

It's cold and rainy and I am not sure if the Sun is even up today. Nothing to do but say home and enjoy some good tv series and movies. That is why my 11th Christmass wish is for my all time classisc: Friends Complete Box Set, Gilmore Girls Complete Box Set...pick the one you like...

All of them are perfect with good tea, chocolates and your all favourite sunday homecook meals.


All the fun and glitter

Hello Saturday!
Weekend state of mind and this time of year weekend means Christmas parties, Christmas dinners with friends shortly speaking lots of fun. So don't be suprised when for my 10th Chistmas wish I will chose some jewelery.After all I am just preparing to go out for a party. Nice jewelery is needed.

10th December wish are House of Harlow necklaces : House of Harlow 1960 Tassel Coin Necklace and House of Harlow 1960 Circle Antler Pendant Necklace.

What are your plans for tonight?


My Chistmas wish list continue

December 9th and my Christmas wish list continue to grow.

Today I walked by Lancel flagstore near Opera Garnier and I remebered my dream from last year. 
How could I forgot, moreover how could I not ask this for my birthday! Shame on me. My 9th Christmas wish is Lancel Premier Flirt bag in Cuivre.

It's both stylish and practical, which is a great mix for big city. Lancel is fameous for good product quality so 
I am sure this bag will travel with me for years and won't get damaged. I like the colour, it will go through winter to summer withouth a clash. All in all, perferct 9th December wish.


All I want for Christmas is...a day for me only

Dear Santa, it's December 8th so time for my 8th wish.

I would like to have one day for me only at Nuxe Spa in Paris. I would like a full day of relaxing massages and pampering. 

Spa NUXE Paris Montorgeuil

Also I wouldn't mind receiving a VIP card so whenever I feel down I can go to Nuxe Spa and hide from the world in fluffy white bathrobe.


Walk in style

Another day brings us closer to Christmas.

Today I dream about Isabel Marant sneakers, or baskets compenses as they call it here. They were launched over a year ago and are constantly out of stock. I guess I am not the only one to have Isabel Marant addiction. 

Dear Santa, I let you chose the color.


Shopping spree and style tips

December 6th...my wish for today is a weekend with Rachel Zoe.

I want a 2 days total shopping spree, style and beauty tips. I admire Rachel Zoe for ther style but foremost
for her buisnes empire. I would like to spend time with her to learn how she does it, take tips how to dress better and get some free samples from her collection.
Hey, girl can dream right?


On december 5th I learn that my mother is always right

On december 5th I learn that my mother is always right. She always told me "if you something you want get it right away and don't wait. If you wait you may miss the opportunity". Such a wise woman!

When "Irreverent" came out in October it was easy to get it on Amazon. And the price was reasonable - around 60€. Now, book is out of stock. Sure you can buy it on eBay for 300€, but at this price point I don't care.

Santa, if you hear me..."Irreverent" by Carine Roitfield is my 5th December Advent Calendar wish.


Girl can never have too much jewelery

That is why on the 4th od December I would like to find in my Advent Calendar a Tiffany&Co silver heart bracelet. I was dreaming about it since some time now and maybe my wish will finally come true?


December 3

All I want for Christmas is....Isabel Marant Nelcie embellished lace mini dress

So I will finally have a outfit for office Chistmas party and maybe even New Years Eve!


Second day of december

Second day of December is rainy and cold in Paris.
That is why December 2nd all I want for Chistmas is...a plane ticket and sejour on Gili Trawangan Island, right next to Bali.


All I want for Christmas is...

Following the long lasting tradition of Christmas Advent Calendar I have decided to create one of my own.
I hope it will be an inspiration for all of you.

Let't the Christmas time begin!

December 1st
All I want for Christmas is...Rachel Bilson Joly shoes in leopart.

ShoeMint- please start shipping to Europe!

It's been a long time

I know, it's been a long time since we talked and I apologise. There were many changes in my live during those months, a good ones so I am very very happy.

I am back now, happier and stronger than ever and ready to be with you again.
So there you go, let December start!


Ultimate style icon

It’s the middle of spring and we are all waiting for summer.

However fashion world is already preparing for autumn and first AW2011/2012 campaigns start to show up.
To be honest it makes me a little sad, because I really don’t want to go back to cold days but I must admit some fall styles rocks. I came across photos form Pringels of Scotland AW2011/2012 campaign. Tilda Swildon looks absolutely stunning. Ultimate fashion and style icon.

Her new haircut is Vidal Sassoon work – I believe that only Tilda can pull off this look. Kudos!

Tilda Swildon

Tilda Swildon

Tilda Swildon


Little pregnant bunny

Ivanka Trump for Harper Bazar

Is it only me or this picture is a little weird?

It’s a picture from Ivanka Trump interview for Harper’s Bazaar. Adorable girl on the top of the building, pregnant...in Playboy Bunny costume? I understand the intention was to make it ironically funny but is it really? Am I getting too conservative?


Graduation show

You know I am a seeker of new talents in fashion world.
They are like a breath of fresh air to me.

That is why I got really excited over Parsons Graduate show. So many talents, so many eye candy for me. Show as a whole was rather diverse – there was some architectural designs, evening gowns, innovative children designs even Napoleon time’s reference. 35 new designers with 35 new approaches to fashion. 

Carmen Chen Wu

Charlie Leibel

Jeanne Tasma

Mia Wright Ross

I would give special graduation prize to Mia Wright Ross. Well done girl!


Back to old habits

I spend last few days in bed with some flu variation that literally swept me of my feet.

Given the amount of time I had on my hands I decided to put it for a good use…watching Gossip Girl season 4 all over again.Before this was the worst Gossip Girl season ever, now it’s the best. Mainly because I feel in love with Blair Waldorf (or should I write:  her wardrobe) all over again. God, Eric Damian is a master!
Latest craze – this Jenny Packham dress.

Jenny Packhmam

And the engagement ring that goes along with it.