Do you remember Spice Girls?

Tonight I have office Christmas party and everyone needs to dress  up as letter S. Well something, someone that name starts with a letter S. Santa, sugar, starbucks, sandals...you get the drill. With my collegues we decided to dress up as...Spice Girls? Do you remember them? I was really obsessed back in primary shool. 

I was chosen to be Posh Spice and I couldn't be more happy. After all, I now adore her as a designer. However when I look at her pictures from 90s, her style was a bit diffrent and a little latexy...Cannot be her, must be the 90s, right? To celebrate tonight and in memeory of Spice Girls my 15th December Christmas wish is a piece from Victoria Beckham SS2012 collection. 

With the bag and the shoes please.

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