Lace inspirations on a rainy day

Now and then I like to get lost in the streets of Paris. I believe it's the only way to really feel the city spirit and feel it's heart beat. Even though sky was covered with clouds and rain was just around the corner I have took my umbrella and get out. My feets led me to a nice little jewelry  store in Saint Germain called Baby Budda. I must confess - the store name inspired me to walk in.

This is a little story how I disovered Vanessa Mimran Nessa collection and fell in love with it.
Bracelet Azyiade collection
Neckles Azyiade collection

bracelet Snake collection

ring Tiger collection

ring Tresse collection

Her pieces are delicate like they are made of  lace. They are very feminine and at the same strong. Contrary of what we believe they prove that delicate jeweley can also make a statement. Just look at the tiger ring. 
Vanessa Mimran is the designer to follow and I am sure we will her about her in the near future.

I strongly recomend visiting Baby Budda (68 rue des Saints Pères)  and Nessa website .

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