Les Mills maniac

Let's talk sport.

Despite the illusion that parisians live for art, fashion and croissants sport plays pretty important role here.
Don't fool yourself, french girls don't get fat only because they have good genes..

If you want to stay fit, Paris offers you many options. If you are on the low budget put your running shoes on and explore the city (many great parks, run along the la Seine or st Martins Canal). If you don't care about the price go to L'usine ( gym so expensive and poshy it's beyond) or get private coach. If, like me, you are looking for good gym that won't ruin you budget - go to Les Cercles de la Forme. 

Les Cercles de la Forme offer you gym, dance classes, martial art and Les Mills program. Les Mills is the perfect way to mix fun and pleasure with good workout. And I promise -  you won't get bored. You can dance during Body Jam, fight during Body Combat and relax with Body Balance. You can learn more about Les Mills here

Les Mills is probably present in other sport clubs in Paris, however I strongly recomend Les Cercles de la Forme, simply because they have the best trainers. Go there, ask for Wendy and you will know what I mean.

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