Many definitions of love

Have you seen "I am love" with Tilda Swinton yet?

I am love poster
I did, last night, and I am still perplexed.

On one hand - it's pure beauty. Pictures are great. So pure and clean, the game of light and shadow is following you all the time. Every scene is a picture, a photograph that can stands on its own. It that aspect it feels so close to "Single Man". Of course the fashion - italian luxury and perferction in every scene. No faux pas. I guess there is no point writing an essay about the actors - it's pretty obvious that Tilda and rest of the cast gave a top performance. I would say Oscar nomination would be welcome.

Then, the plot. And I don't know what to write here. All seems simple and easy to understand: rich family with traditions, unhappy womand that falls in love with a young man and great tragedy comes along. Although I understand the plot, I found it hard to dive into it and feel all the emotions. There are just so many of them, the symbolics are so rich and omipresent that you can get easily confused. It was too much for me to handle for just 2 hours. 

I am still thinking about this movie, about the drama, those emotions are still in me. For now I understand well the title "I am love". Because this is the core of the movie - love in all its definitions and faces. In all it's glory and misery. Powerful, strong and always above everything else and above us all. Even if we don't realise it.


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