Cool Granny

I was always into theory that all Grannies are cool. Sometimes they just hide it to be seen as mautre and full of life experience and knowlege. Girls will stay girls at heart.

Sacha Goldenberg proves my convictions right. His pieces collected in a photo album "Mamika" are fabulous!

Sacha Goldenberg MAMIKA

There is a love story behind them, too. Love between grandson to his grand mother who was slowly loosing fight with depresion. Instead of crying and saying goodbyes Sacha decided to show his love that life can be fun no matter the age. As long as you stay optimistic and you don't take yourself too seriously, life continues to be a great fun ride.

If you're in Paris, go and see Sacha Goldenberg photo exhibition : Wanted Gallery
23 rue du roi de sicile, 75004 Paris.

You can find more on Sacha Goldenberg HERE.

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