Have A Nice Day

HAND - Have A Nice Day- restaurant opened last year and immediately took place in the hearts of USA loving Parisians. Main reason: HAMBURGERS! The real ones, the most american ones you can find on this side of the ocean. 

I decided to give it a try last Saturday just before going to the movies with friends (and by the way - please don't waist your money on "Salt").  The location is great, right in the center of Paris, next to the Opera Garnier, Louvre and Palais Royal. Decoration is not too original but nice as a whole - old pictures on the walls, vintage tables and chairs, dimmed light. On the menu all american classics - hamburger, cheeseburger, becon burger, farmer burger, onion rings, Caesar's salad, Budweiser etc. and acceptable prices. So far so good. The service is nice and friendly, maybe a bit to much but it has it's charm.

Food presentation was nice however I wasn't too crazy about my hamburger, I found it a bit tasteless and the bread a bit old. At the same time I am not a hamburger lover type. The desserts however it's another story - homemade cheesecake was divine! Brownie and crumble as well. All of my friends really enjoyed their meals and the restaurant was proclaimed THE burger place in Paris.

Definitely nice place to hang out on a Saturday night afer/before movies.

HAND - 39 rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris

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