There is a dark side in all of us

The beauty of "The Black Swan" lies in the capacity of Aronofsky mind to link schizophrenia to one of the most popular ballet play. This is like linking the ugly side of mind to one of the most beautiful form of art.

The constant fight that every one of us is having between wrong and right, good and bad, our white and our black swan. It takes intelligence and audace to show a struggle that schizophrenia patient go through in a world of- what society sees as pure beauty- ballet dancers. Lonely girl in a route to perferction and succes. Wrong mother - daugther relations, very demanding maestro and jealousy  that drives you mad.

All in all, not my favourite movie. The scean when I feel I was touchning the essence was Portman reincarnation to black swan. Nathalie is withouth any doubt a star of this movie, but I certainly hope that it is not her role of a lifetime. I believe she is capable of something greater.

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