September issue Poland

After France here comes Poland. After all, I am a Polish girl.

Well, those magazines titles may not speak to you as they do to me, however I decided it could be interesting for all of you to see them.  First of all for a little knowlege and then for comparison of styling, ongoing fashion, models and quality. Which ones are better? I am not objective here, so it's for you to decide.

Let's take a look:

Twój Styl
My personal favourite as far as content goes.
On this cover you see Katarzyna Glinka, who is rather popular actress. This photo deforms her body and her face, no comments here. I like the styling and the colour palette - light blue, dark blue, white and yellow is a good choice here. Is it a pallete for September issue? Probably it would be more suitable for Spring, right?
Main tagline infoms us that this issue is about intimacy - bed, romanse, love affairs and homosexuality (yes, this is a random combination). There is NO word about fashion, nor fall, nor style whatsoever. Editors - did you forgot that it's already September?

Elle Poland
Better, right? You see nice outfit, enery, hype, colours and good photo. Thank you Elle for bringing back the hope.
Taglines interesting enough that I would by this magaizne : trends for A/W 10,  ideas how to refresh your garderobe, make up tips and an article on how each brand has different sizes.Validé!

Uroda magazine specialise in beauty topics, consequently ignoring fashion, culture, economics and so. That is perferctly ok, it has found it's niche. September cover here is no diffrent from all year round covers following the orders; girl should 
be pretty, has nice hair and make up and the colors should stand out. September 2010 cover meets all those rules AND they also manage to deform Edyta Herbus face ( click here if you wish to see how she really looks like). What is with those Photoshop craze in Poland? Please feel free to make a girl look beautiful but not deformed!

As far as styling and colour palette is concerned this is a good September cover. However the cover girl and topic brough up in this issue make me forget that it's yet another September issue. On the cover you can see Joanna Racewicz, well known journalist who lost her husband in April 2010 plane crash.
This evokes all emotions and sentiments form last spring.
Green is one of this fall top colours , it is also the colour of hope. Great choice of background - chapeau bas Madame Domagalik.

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