September issue

It's not a secret that September fashion magazine covers are the most important of the year.
Redactions discuss who would appear on the September cover months ahead and what that would symbolise is decided well in advance. September issues are usually packed with fall fashion style reports and previews and lots and lots of advertising. Every year I am waiting impatiently.for September issues to surface and here they are! Some of them are amazing and inspiring some really bad and boring. I looked closely at the most popular french magazine covers and tried to rank them.

Let's look at the September 2010 covers, shall we?

Yes, Katy Perry was the 2010 summer star with her lollipops and bra made of cupcakes. But for september coverl, really? She is lovely and kind of glamorous and maybe that's what Glamour reader is asking for. However I am disapointed with this choice and ever more with the styling that I must say it's boring and makes me feel like I have already saw those photos few years ago.
Taglines? My cool life in the city, 33 secrets to find your style (why 33?), Sean penn as a real man who left everything behind to save Haiti... yawn..

Does this photo of Jessica Alba comes from the same photo shoot as the one they put on Cosmopolitan US September cover ? If so, did they have to choose the less flattering one?

More seriously it's ok. I like the pallete and the dress simplicity.
Taglines are also more interesting than in Glamour - we have 300 fashion best tip for fall, report about friendship...I just noticed they also have "he ho je ne suis dispo", how to tell a guy that those are the sex free days. Ok, this one just ruined the entire image of nice september cover.

Marie Claire
It's getting better, there is still a hope. Marie Claire decided to have 3 different covers ,each reflecting the idea od "dare", "love" and "seduce". All three of them have rather poor styling but I like two things: red background that screams A/W collections and black and white letters ( I will just pretend I don't see those pink ones). It's clear and pretty and very MC.

There is article about all the news in beauty&cosmetics, 3 different photo shoots with fall styling and reportage on tybetian womens saving natural medicine. I may be tempted to buy that one.

Marie France 
Eva Longoria is very popular here in France. Not only because of there acting/model carrier but also because she is married to Tony Parker, french famous NBA player. Magazines with her on the cover always sells, therefore you can find her on various covers each month or even week.
I don't like the same story repeated over and over again.
(plus she looks fade and tired here). Point final.

Vogue France
 The one, the only...Marion Cotillard on the cover with great styling and perfect, yet not so classic make up. Cotillard is one of the most shining stars of the moment, and it seems like it will stay this what for a while. She also has great personal style and is classified as the style icon. It makes sense Vogue chose her for September issue.
I love the electric blue used in the title mixed with white in taglines. I have bought this issue today and can't wait to look what's inside.

What is your opinion? Agree? Disagree? Don't care?
Share it with me.

P.S I am still waiting for Officiel and Numero September covers...I will keep you post it.

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