Summer calls for summer reads

Summer calls for summer reads.

I’ve just finished one of the greatest of a kind Auntie Mame by
Patrick Dennis.

This book was first published in 1955 in New York and stayed on the bestseller list for 12 weeks.

Since my resent fascination for New York in 50s and early 60s (thank
you Mad Men creators) has reached its peak , I have bought this book
on the spot. I was not disappointed.

It’s a delicious read that leaves you with a feeling that absolutely everything is possible,
darlings! You just need to fix yourself a nice littl
e cocktail, put the most gorgeous outfit
and keep your head and spirits high forever and always.

This novel chronicles the madcap adventures of a boy, Patrick who is growing up with his
aunt- Mame Dennis. One of the most eccentric character in literature. Mame is fun loving woman always ready for new challenges. She is fabulous, never gives up and guide her
darling, darling little boy through all the life’s adventures and stages giving him the
education and knowledge he would not get elsewhere.

Although the book is purely fiction, the main character was inspired by author aunt Marion Tanner, whose life and outlook in many ways mirrored those of Mame. The book was
made into a play, a Broadway as well as a Hollywood musical, and a movie starring Rosalind Russell. Although seeing this movie in 2010 is next to impossible, I have managed to find
some parts on You Tube. You can find them here .

Grab this book and let yourself be mesmerized by the glamorous world of Auntie Mamie.


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