they don't serve lunch in heaven

It’ August and Paris in August is one of those few moments I adoooore this city.

No people on the streets/restaurants/shops/parks plus the great weather.

I feel at home on those half empty Parisian streets. Finally I get to notice all those little details on the buildings, discover new places (that are always to crowded to even bother) and test all those fabulous terraces drinking wine with friends….Heaven!

There is however a little “but”…

When the city is on holidays, your office is reduced from 60 to 20 people, bosses are somewhere sur la plage and you can finally take 2 hours lunch…everything is closed in the “office district”. No lunch for you my dear. All lunch places within 1 kilometer from my office are closed.

Fermeture anuelle, that can easily translate to “ I am on vacations and you are stuck in the office, bon appétit”.

They are literally forcing me to either :

1. Start to cook (oh, the greatest pleasure : )

2. Go on diet

What would you do?

Have a great day!

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