Fall preview

With Mad Man 4th season start earlier this month  I am slowely recovering from my summer tv negligence.
I have realized that September is only two weeks away and instead of feeling sad and nostalglig about summer I am starting to get excited. All because new season means new seasons of my favourties TV shows and the new ones to come.

So what should we follow in September? Let's look at my private fall preview, shall we?

The Good Wife ( on CBS, returns in September)

Cliffhanger : Last episodes were full of emotions and ambivalency. Peter was cleared of charges and decided to run for state's attorney. Alicia got the job and finally made a move on Will, who is clearly in love with her. In the last scene Alicia is about to join her husband on the stage to show the world that she is still by his side, while Will is calling on her cell. We are pretty sure he wants to tell her he loves her and wants to be with her no matter what. Will she pick up? Will she join Peter?

What I hope will happen: She picks up the call. I would love to see the 2nd season wrap around the plot of Alicia and Will romance and how it will affect Peter's carrier. However I suspect that they will make her stand by her husband and remain torn between the life she wants and the life she is suppose to have.

Brothers&Sisters ( on ABC, returns September 26th)

Cliffhanger: A massive car crash left Robert presumably dead and Holly in a rather critical condition. If that wasn't enough we learn that Saul is HIV positive and the shabby marriage of Rebecca and Justin will have to survive a long distance relationship try ( Justin had this absurdal idea to go to Haiti to help people...maybe he will join Wyclef? ; )

What I hope will happen: Please, please producers SAVE ROBERT ! I LOVE ROBERT! And please made Justin fell in love with some haitian chick and never come back..... Unfortunately producers already revealed they plan to leap forward a year, meaning that probably Robert will not be saved. However there is still a chance that Justin will be gone..Ok, I can't really wait for this one!

Love bites ( on NBC, new series starts in September)

Why I can't wait to see it:  His series is comming from Cindy Chupack, the creative mind of Sex and the City, leaving me dreaming about fresh and inspiring series for women about women. I hope for someting I could watch with my girlfiends on winter nights, laugh and gossip all along. I know the SATC is irreplaceable, but something close to the ideal could be fun to watch. NBC describes the series as "the story of three, modern storied of love, sex, marriage and dating". To follow...

Mr. Sunshine ( on ABC, new series coming in September)

Why I can't wait to see it: Because it's Matt Perry. Point final. He was my favourite in Friends and he was the greatest in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (any ideas why this show was canceled??? it was brilliant!!!). Plot of new show is rather promising : Matt stars as a manager of a second rate sports arena who begins to re-evaluate his life on his 40th birhday. There is a bossy boss, cute co-worker and clueless and sweet friend. I have watched trailer ( that you can find here: Mr. Sunshine trailer ) and it give me hope for cool and inteligent show.

Other shows I will follow ( some out of curiosity some because they kind of grow on me)
Gossip Girl
How I meet your mother
Desperate Housewifes
Drop dead diva
And I will definitely give Breaking Bad a try.

I've told you before - I am a TV show freak.

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