Opium is good for you

Yves Saint Laurent just launched new fragrance - Belle d'Opium.

It's a new version of mythical perfumes Opium created by YSL back in 1977. Mythical for their name, that ewoked the prohibited drug, for the innovative and very intensive notes and for the advertising campaign that marked new era in beauty products advertisement.

Belle d'Opium is a slightly modern version of orginal Opium, however it is full of oriental notes (Casablanca Lily, oriental spices). It speaks to young active women as well as to mature ladies. 
Proof ? I had a chance to try out this new fragrance this weekend, fall in love with it and bought it immediately. My mum just informed me that she finally found her fragrance, that it is called Belle d'Opium and that I simply must check it out 'cause it's heaven. 
I swear this was total coincidence!

(Belle d'Opium, YSL)

Go here if you wish to see the ad campaign for new fragrance. Personally I am not a fan, still Belle d'Opium  it's definitelly my fragrance for autumn/winter.

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