Two sides of one story

Emily Griffin" Heart of the matter"
I really enjoyed "Something borrowed/something blue" books from Emiliy Griffin so it was with great pleasure and expectations that I reached for her new book. I was not disapointed.

"Heart of the matter" walks us in the live of two women. Both are in their 30s, both have children and live in Boston. This is all as far as similarity goes. One is married, recently quit her job to spend more time with kids and husband and tries to fit in to new situation. Other is sngle, overprotective mom that concetrate all  attention on her kid in order to forget that in fact she has no life on her own. There is also a husband who is apparently lost between what he wants and what is expected of him. As you can imagine, there will be tears, suspitions, love affaire, hearts and illusions broken.

But this book is not an easy chick lit. It makes you wonder how you really know people around you and how much you are willing to forgive. Good book, I strongly recommend it.

You can get it this book  HERE - Heart of the Matter

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