Serena has her bag already

Gossip Girl

Do you want to know who the new girl on the block is? It's Shourouk Rhaiem, jewelery and accessorise designer. Her pieces has already been picked up by Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman and had their onscreen premiere few weeks ago. 

Shourouk is a french stylist and jewelery designer that created her own brand back in 2008. She started by creating haute jewelery pieces - bracelets, earings and necklasses. Then came the fantasy headbands and bags. Shourouk creates fantasy world with her designs. They are creative, unique and made from the best materials. No wonder clients were quickly seduced. Her designs can be mixed with sophisticated gown and casual wear. They always fit. That is what makes them unique. I truly wish they could be less expensive.
Below you can see latest Spring/Summer 2011 collection ( my favourite picks)

How do you like it?
If you want to know more about Shourouk, visit her website.

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