Would you wear something from mrs. cruise's collection?

We got a little preview of Holmes&Yang Fall 2011 collection. Just to remind you Katie Holmes and her stylist Jeanne Yang teamed up some time ago to create thier own clothing line. Since the announcment was made, we were waiting for a first fruits of this collaboration. What I wanted to know was: will it be equally good as Victoria Beckham's line?

The answer is, unfortunatelly, not. I don't see anything interesting, new or innovatiove in this collection. Barneys New York put on sale few pieces and I am a bit dissapointed. I understant those clothes are made from exceptional fabrics and so...but prices are a bit too high for my taste £2,500 for a jacket, £1,500 for a dres...Should I continue?

Holmes&Yang jacket

Holmes&Yang skirt

Holmes& Yang tuxedo dress

Holmes& Yang blazer

Holmes& Yang spanish dress

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