How far photoshop can go?

Last night I was picking up a friend from a train station. As usual, train was late so I hit the kiosk to catch up on my glossy reading. Time in a care-free land as my boyfriend calls it. Great thing about Gare du Nord kiosk is that they have magazines from all over the world, so I looked at US Vogue, Elle and was moving slowly to the UK section. Then I saw this and got pretty scared.

Well, the cover says it's Gwyneth Paltrow, but I think only eyes, nose and hair belongs to her. All the rest, if at all real, belongs to some model with un - human like body. Great body that rocks this Burberry dress, but not Gwyneth body. And the face, doesn't she looks a little like plastic? 

Why on earth anyone would publish o cover like this in 2011? Everyone knows about Photoshop by now!
And why person like GP would accept so much of a Photoshop work?

Anyone would like to give me an answer? I am lost here...

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