Bad cops, perfect Eva

The "Very bad cops" movie just hit theatres in France.
I am not a very big fan of this one, there is however one major advantage - Eva Mendes.
She is perfection!
 And Will Farell is funny as usuall. : )


New Chanel nail polish hits the stores on December 1th.
You hope for frosty, christmas / winter related shade?

Not a chance.
This winter we are already thinking about vacations on french riviera.


Won't go to rehab, but will shop @ Fred Perry

I had a lovely walk in Marais today. Paris is in a full automne mood and I love it. Sun is still warm, trees are golden and leafs are falling down. It's all very romantic and nostalgic to me.

In this perfect mood ans smile on my face I decided to do little shopping. Smile disapeared when I saw Amy Winehouse in watching me from Fred Perry shop window. No, no, please no! Please don't tell me that she decided to be a model now... No, not a model but a designer...

I am very sceptical when it comes to design and music artists, celebrities in general. I understand how it can be beneficial for both sides- business wise- but I rarely like what is propose to much confused public. In FP case I don't see any ground for this cooperation, I did however enter the shop.

I must say I was suprised. And all in a good way. It's a good, solid and interesting collection. Very 50s, very rockabilly but can be easyli mixed with 2010 style.Well done FR&AW!

Best pieces:

And one bummer:

Go here to see and shop whole collection.


Tabitha to follow

New shoe designer to follow - Thabitha Simmons.

This british wonder, who currently lives in New York City  stands out from other young shoes/accessories designers of our era. Why? Because her designes are original yet wearable and playfull yet classy at the same time. I need to mention they are also crazy confortable. No, I don't own a pair yet...
It will be resolved this Friday : )

Take a look:

Click here for a store finder.


Monday wonder

Ever wonder why Mondays are so difficult?
After all it's just another day of the week...Let's try to put as much pleasure into this day as possible.
It's crazy cold today here in Paris and all I want is new, warm outerwear.
Parkas&coats online shopping? Yes, please!

Cosy&Casual Aubin&Willis

For big cold Karl Donoghue

Urban  MAJE

Very Fall 2010 caramel Alexander WANG

Classy Stella McCartney

And you? What is your Monday dream?


Adventures in Photoshop land

Why Anne Hathaway looks like Eva Mendes on the cover of US Vogue?
Styling of photoshop?

US Vogue November 2010
Photos: Mario Testino
Fashion Editor: Tonne Goodman


Life after

I am catching up on latest America's Next Top Model cycle. My modest opinion? It rocks! It's high fashion cycle with Italian Vogue cover as the main price. What that means for viewer - no cookie cutter faces, no catalogue photos, strong characters, no bordeom!

As the episodes go by and the girls gets eliminated I am starting to think - how is the life after the ANTM for those girls? Latest episonde striked me the most, when after being on the top, living in venice beach, having people interested in what you have to offer and finally - having Patrick Demarchelier photograph you another girl had to go back to "reality". This week it was Kacey. Can't believe how much force you need to have to go back to your life in small town and not to abandon your dream. Not to give up on being a model and go "jusqu'à bout"! I hope that each and every one of this girls will follow their dream and don't break down. 

all the cycle 15 grils

Kacey left the show this week

One more question pops to my mind...When you can't stop watching the show and find yourself thinking about it more than any other thing it's time to stop right?
Ok, just this one more picture...Tyra Banks...the one, the only. Role model.


When sky is the only limit

When sky is the only limit, release your imagination.
Imagine that you got your own island, somwhere fantastic where sun is up all year round, where people are happy and there is no such thing as taxes. Add to that unlimited budget...What picture comes to your mind?
Option are endless, right?

Well, if you wonder what would Karl Lagerfeld do...

 Yes, we are in Dubai, where Karl is helping design the man-made fashion-specific island community. All looks uber luxurious, uber fashion and uber modern. How do you like Isla Moda? Do you think we will ever get invited to spend a weekend there? And even if...would you go there? After all there are soooo many great places to visit, places where you don't need to be high fashion 24/7 and just be yourself.


Pin up glam

To my greates pleasure and joy Christina Hendricks is on everywhere at the moment!
After HB cover there comes new photo shoot - inspired by the 50s and pin up style.
What a gorgeus woman she is. Somehow animal prints, cages and cyrcus stylinng goes perfectly togheter here.

Photos brought to you by http://christina-hendricks.org/

Printemps in New York

New decoration for Printemps in Paris.
In October we are celebrating New York! Why?  I have no idea..Maybe Kors pieces finally availabe in Printemps department store were an inspiration? Maybe it's in connection to Fashion Week? Maybe just because it's fun..

You must admit that those windows are well done! Young, fun, lots of colors, happy! It makes me want to go to NTY and eat some hog dog... Printemps predicted that and they put a Hot Dog stand around the corner. Are parisians more NYC than new yorkers? Will donuts replace macarons? Leave me wondering and just looki at the pictures!


Not every change is good - UPDATE

Week after introducing new logo Gap decided to go back to the old one.
Does anyone still wants to question the power of internet community?

Welcome back, Gap!

I won't wear this and neither will you

Remember the famous Lady GaGa meat outfit?
Who could forgot that one!
Well, some designers got inspired by this raw meat fashion move.

Yes, you could actually have the same neckless as Lady GaGa (only difference: it's made with plastic). For the prize of $55 and questions regarding your taste level.

Want to get this? Really?
Ok, no judgment, go here


Girl on the go

I have to let you know that I am a fan of  Project Runway (and huge, devoted, loving fan of Mondo and April). I follow the show every week and mostly I am mesmerized by the designs and judges snappy comments. Secretly I wish I could saw and create clothes. Maybe it's time to find the artist in me?  : )

Anyway, last episode draw my attention to Heidi Klum new collection for New Balance. I had no idea she can design. Is there anything this woman can't do? HK New Balance collection is dedicated to active women who looks for good quality and interesting design. Mission accomplished. What's more interesting, Heidi included Andy's design to the line so you could actually own his pieces!

Andy South design

Clothes looks  good and confy. I would totally wear them to gym, to go shopping, to lunch with girlfriends and on a lazy sundays. They are available on amazon.com only and that's the only minus for all european shoppers. Two words: shipping costs. 

Shop here for this collection

Beige in Corea

As it turns out beige and neutrals are also this fall "it" colors in Corea!
Reason good enough to show you good photo shoot with Magdalena Frackowiak for Corean Vogue cover and editorial.

Caramel and beige for sunny autumn days and black and wite for snowy and cold winter.
Perfect example on how background colors and lighting manipuluate your mood and blood temperature.
Nedless to say how pretty and strong Magda is on those picts.