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I have to let you know that I am a fan of  Project Runway (and huge, devoted, loving fan of Mondo and April). I follow the show every week and mostly I am mesmerized by the designs and judges snappy comments. Secretly I wish I could saw and create clothes. Maybe it's time to find the artist in me?  : )

Anyway, last episode draw my attention to Heidi Klum new collection for New Balance. I had no idea she can design. Is there anything this woman can't do? HK New Balance collection is dedicated to active women who looks for good quality and interesting design. Mission accomplished. What's more interesting, Heidi included Andy's design to the line so you could actually own his pieces!

Andy South design

Clothes looks  good and confy. I would totally wear them to gym, to go shopping, to lunch with girlfriends and on a lazy sundays. They are available on amazon.com only and that's the only minus for all european shoppers. Two words: shipping costs. 

Shop here for this collection

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