Life after

I am catching up on latest America's Next Top Model cycle. My modest opinion? It rocks! It's high fashion cycle with Italian Vogue cover as the main price. What that means for viewer - no cookie cutter faces, no catalogue photos, strong characters, no bordeom!

As the episodes go by and the girls gets eliminated I am starting to think - how is the life after the ANTM for those girls? Latest episonde striked me the most, when after being on the top, living in venice beach, having people interested in what you have to offer and finally - having Patrick Demarchelier photograph you another girl had to go back to "reality". This week it was Kacey. Can't believe how much force you need to have to go back to your life in small town and not to abandon your dream. Not to give up on being a model and go "jusqu'à bout"! I hope that each and every one of this girls will follow their dream and don't break down. 

all the cycle 15 grils

Kacey left the show this week

One more question pops to my mind...When you can't stop watching the show and find yourself thinking about it more than any other thing it's time to stop right?
Ok, just this one more picture...Tyra Banks...the one, the only. Role model.

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