Won't go to rehab, but will shop @ Fred Perry

I had a lovely walk in Marais today. Paris is in a full automne mood and I love it. Sun is still warm, trees are golden and leafs are falling down. It's all very romantic and nostalgic to me.

In this perfect mood ans smile on my face I decided to do little shopping. Smile disapeared when I saw Amy Winehouse in watching me from Fred Perry shop window. No, no, please no! Please don't tell me that she decided to be a model now... No, not a model but a designer...

I am very sceptical when it comes to design and music artists, celebrities in general. I understand how it can be beneficial for both sides- business wise- but I rarely like what is propose to much confused public. In FP case I don't see any ground for this cooperation, I did however enter the shop.

I must say I was suprised. And all in a good way. It's a good, solid and interesting collection. Very 50s, very rockabilly but can be easyli mixed with 2010 style.Well done FR&AW!

Best pieces:

And one bummer:

Go here to see and shop whole collection.

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