When Romeo is more feminine than Juliette

We all know androgen beauty type, girls that looks like boys is not a shoker in our epoque. Designers already dressed us in boy's clothes, advised us to get a short hair cut and tried to make us belive that flat chest is the way to go. Now, it seems that fashion took 180 degree turn. It's time for boys to be like girls. And no, I am not talking about drag queens&co...I am talking about upcoming trend that is described as Femimen phenomeon.  When men are more feminine than woman. To the point that it was a male model that wore bridal dress during last JPGaultier Haute Couture show in Paris.

Lea T

Andrej Pejic

Martin Cohn

James Varley

Andrej Pejic
Andrej Pejic
Borders between two genders are slowly disapearing. At least at image point of view. I do hope there will still be some difference between us.

What do you think about this new trend? How long will it last?

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