Fashion baby

Ever since the launch of Gucci Children's Collection last weekend I can't stop thinking about all those little fashionistas. Can babies and kids really aknowlege the fact they are wearing haute couture or pret-à-porter? They probably don't even know what that means, right?

Or am I wrong? Maybe if you have parents that can afford to dress you in Gucci or Dior, you imidiately know the difference? And your first words are not "mummy" nor "dad" but rather "Kezno" and "more Dior please"?

Dolce&Gabbana Junior collection

Little Marc collection by Marc Jacobs

Kenzo enfants for girls

Kenzo enfants for babies

Jean Paul Gaultier Kids collection

Jean Paul Gaultier Kids collection

Stella Maccartney Kids collection

Raplh Lauren Kids

Baby Dior

JLo with her children for Gucci Children collection

Will Chanel be next?

Model Brad Kroening with son at Chanel Spring 2010 show

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