I am sorry , I don't like it

You might not like this post and may even say I have no taste in fashion, but I decided to stay true to myself and share my optinion with you.

I don't like Lanvin collection for H&M.
I am really, really sorry but I just don't.

The whole blogosphere, newspapers, fashion magazines was so excited about this collection, saying it's great, creative, amazing. I admit, I was taken over by this enthusiasm. I saw the collection preview and thought "not really my style, but great design and after all it's Elbaz!".

Last night I went to H&M here in Paris to check it out myself. First big suprise: you can still buy the whole collection. There were hundreds of dresses, coats, shoes just waiting for you to take them home. I remeber that you couldn't find M. Williamson pieces anywhere last year!
Second surprise: quality is bad! Materials used are not nice, not skin friendly, I have tried one dress and couldn't stand 5 seconds in it. I dare to say, regular H&M dress fits and feels better.

There you go, I've said it. 

But I still adore Alber Elbaz. He is a great designer. 
I just wish I could see more of  this in H&M collection: 

Lanvin Winter 2010

Lanvin Summer 2011

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  1. ufff, a myślałam, że to tylko ja tak mam :-)