Do you remember?

I haven't been around for a while and I apologise.
Sometimes you need to take a break, you know?

Let's get back on our feets, shall we?

First look at this editorial in December HB . Is this a new "it" girl? New, aspiring model? 

No dear, it's Crystal Renn.

Yes the one who - as Fashionista pointed it out  - "" has come to symbolize the debate over size in the fashion industry. She’s vocal about her struggles with anorexia, made headlines when she spoke out against being photoshopped into a slimmer version of herself, and has become something of a spokeswoman to promote acceptance at any size."

Well, she is certainly not against Photoshop now, is she? Also, it looks like she is starving.
I am sad about this, I liked Crystal size 10/12 much better. And I believed her pictures more.

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