It's time for Paris!

Yes, it's time to start Paris Fashion Week!
So no talking, watch and learn.

Just once little comment to start with. After colour explosion we saw in NY, London and Milan first AW 2011 Paris shows seems awfully dark and sober. Not in a good way. It's like there is some danger in the air that just waits to explode. I do hope next days will bring more optimism.


 Bonus for styling and shoes.


Once again, really dark ambiance.I like the sweater cut and draping of the blac dress. It can make a really firece look. However without John Lennon glasses. They rarely suit us.

Husseun Chalayan

This collection is called Kaikou, that means "open country" in Japanese. Context: opening of Japan to the world after the tragic events of World War II. Yes, we are far away from Dolce&Gabanna my dear readers.
I think it's my recent love for minimalist looks that made my like those pieces.Black and white essencials with interesting cut.

More to come so stay tunned!

Photos: style.com

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