Why so obvious?

I am well aware that this photo shoot is already all over the Internet.
It's not an actualite and I am sorry for bringing this up so late...I just couldn't resist adding my own comment.

Today's subject: Crystall Renn for Vouge Paris, october 2010.
Editorial is called "Festin"
Styled by Carine Roitfeld
Shoot by Terry Richardson

I believe the reason behind this shoot was showing high fashion jewelery and the new fashion style for winter - sweaters. Then someone called Crystal Renn and proposed her a spread in French Vouge. She said "yes", of course! It's Vouge after all. Once Crystall Renn name came up associating it with food was an obvious choice. Too obvious maybe?

Fashion industry calls Renn a plus size fashion model. This is a joke since the girl is like size 10 or 12 ( 38/40 in Europe). But we have to forgive fashion industry for this, they are sometimes too starve to think straight. Renn is gorgeous. This photo shoot is not. Food is disgusting, make up vulgar and for most of the time Renn looks like she is about to throw up.

This editorial could be high fashion if it's wasn't so obviously ugly.
At least it makes people talk about it. Was that the point, Carine?

Hungry for more pictures? Go to vouge.fr

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